Alright Lads,

I enlist on Thursday but I've been asked to come into my Careers Office tomorrow for a test. Now I have absolutely no idea what this test is about, can anyone help?

I've got this a few days before i enlist, does it say Basic Skills Test? I'm under the impression is just a general math and english test. You at the Liverpool office by any chance?
Yes Northerner,

When are you going in?
Just stating the facts Ghosteh! :wink:
As others have said, it's maths and english tests.

They are not pass or fail tests. They just measure how clever (Or not) you are. It gives the army an idea of whether or not you might need some remedial reading/writing lessons and so on.

Some questions you will have to listen to, others will be presented on the screen. You will be asked to provide different types of answers for different types of questions ranging from multiple choice to writing answers using the keyboard. On some of the maths tests you will be permitted to use a on screen calculator and there should be some pens/pencils and paper to use if you need it.

There is something of a time restriction on the tests although you really wont need to worry about it as its the staff not the computer that enforces it and I get the feeling most just leave it till your done.
Yeah that was pretty much it soldier.a, really straight forward...back Thursday to enlist and that's me.


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