Test 2
testing testing 1, 2.

Hurrah :wink:
Generalquarters said:
Plant-Pilot said:
Bert said:
<Bert smiles>
.... and dribbles down his front staring into the distance, rocking backward and forward. :lol:
No Bert only smiles - the rest, as a "typical yank," is my job. 8)
I wouldn't consider you a "typical" yank. I would consider you an aborration, a gene experiment gone bad...the results of some government testing in Area 51, the side-effects of being to close to a necular detonation, BUT never typical yank. GQ you are just a sad marmite miner from some far flung trailer town 1 mile north of the Rio Grand or in the foot hills of Montana, where the rest of you nutters live.

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