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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by sweatysock, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. A wee addictive game, which tests your reactions.

    Reaction Test

    0.202 Seconds

    Bobbing Bobcat

    Is the time to beat :headbang:
  2. 1.337 Seconds, pretty poor.
  3. 0.2516s

    Bobbing Bobcat :)
  4. Damn, .225
  5. 0.1336! Rocketing Rabbit

    The last sheep went backwards so I got 0000 for that taking the average down!!
  6. 0.1608 whoooo Rocketing Rabbit.....I thang ewe.... :wink:
  7. 0.2208s

    Also bobbing bobcat!
  8. 0.1856.

    Rocketing rabbit!! think i'll leave it there!
  9. 0.1994 - Rocketing rabbit - I too got a backwards one!

    I wonder how many hours I can waste with this? :roll:
  10. I got 0.1782 and I'm a Wocketin' Wabbit! But what d'you have to score to be that cheetah thingy?

  11. 0.24 but im tired
  12. 0.000 for sheep 4 ! :D Either I'm a true Jedi or a spawny git !

    I'm not a Jedi ----- Bugger !
  13. 0.2647 Not bad, but I am not used to shooting my "Hard Dart" into sheep!
  14. Or a Welshman? :D :D :D

  15. 0.126

    then 0.121 :D