Test your perving skilss

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spursluv, Aug 4, 2005.

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  1. Lasted 5 secs, but got abit on the meter :lol:
  2. whayhay, got the full meter, thats years of training for you
  3. Done it, with 9 secs to spare :lol:
  4. I was utterly c rap - even worse than I am in real life
  5. J_D

    J_D LE

    55 seconds!!!!
  6. 12 seconds left on the clock!!!!!!
  7. all the way... letched to the end :)))))
  8. 21 seconds left. Master pervert. 8)
  9. 2 seconds left
  10. J_D

    J_D LE

    I think the women are better at perving here! Lads need a lesson or two?
  11. 2 seconds up my sleeve.Its a skill I learned on the beach.
  12. Quality!

    Can't quite get to the top of the ogle meter but I'm gonna carry on trying.
  13. DID it !!! 23 seconds remaining!!!

    does that make me a perve :)
  14. OOOhhh I got 17 secs remaining....