Test your ESP

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 28, 2003.

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  1. ESP Score 2

    There's no-one out there! ::)

    Knowledge 13 - Average.

    I'm still up too - watching Sky.
  2. :( No chance of me winning the lottery then - I got 5 (average apparently). got 16 for knowledge though, so perhaps I'm just a spotter!  ;D
  3. 6 for the ESP- average!

    9 for the knowledge- but I'm not well at the moment!  ;)
  4. You can be forgiven as you are gifted in other areas 8) ;)
  5. Ten out of Ten!  Not that I'm blowing my own trumpet!  ;)
  6. I know, you can blow mine...... ;D
  7. well that *proves* i have ESP abilities, MDN, i just KNEW you were gonna come back with a reply like that!!!  ;D

    Or maybe you are that obvious   ;)
  8. Im the one with real ESP

    I knew you wanted some donut luv before you joined the site ;D
  9. I knew I'd get it, thats why i joined........!!!  ;)
  10. Good girl, now then if you are reading my mind correctly you should hear

    Bring me a beer and get on yer heels and lacies ;D