Test tube burger?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by no-body, Aug 5, 2013.

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  1. Really doesn't sound very appetising to me, but I guess I don't enquire too much into the contents of my regular burgers?

    Supposedly going to save the ozone via a lack of methane production.....
  2. Calling it a "test tube" burger is like calling a regular burger "slaughtered animal carcass mixed with shit and sawdust" burger.

    The only people kicking up a fuss about this are those too thick to look past the "test tube" bollocks the media are putting out. The same people who are against stem cell research.
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  3. Wont the glass make it a bit crunchy?
  4. roughage....
  5. Yes, but your mother-in-law* will love it

    *Other annoying doris's are available
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  6. Does it taste like chicken?
  7. [​IMG]

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  8. Dont get it. Surely there must be better ways of farming and growing sustainable meat for large scale consumtion rather than creating a pellet that then needs colouring and various flavour additives. You just know the outcry when in 40 yrs time this turns into a "cancer timebomb". Now before the variant CJD (or JCD as I was taught it before the court case) and the others fire up the outrage note I said sustainable. The money alone in developing and mannufaturing this product must be better spent elswhere.
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