Test Anxiety for AOSB Phys

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by nick_jinks, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. This is kind of weird/embarrassing, but I get pretty bad examination anxiety before doing my cardio phys. Press-ups/sit-ups, planning exercises, command tasks, public speaking etc aren't a problem, nether are regular academic/university exams or sporting matches/tournaments, but there's something about a BLEEP test or 1.5 mile monitored run that seems to make me very nervous.

    My best time for the run is 9:33, so I can do it, but for some reason the run makes me very anxious and its messing with my test times.

    I understand that the best way to deal with this stuff is to be prepared [confident on your phys] and relax, but can anyone else help me or make a suggestion on how to deal with this problem? It's probably the only thing that'll hold me back during Main Board.

  2. Man up.
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  3. As long as you can pass, just accept the fact that you will be nervous. It may go in time it may not.

    I know guys who would regularly puke after phys, it wasn't nerves though t'was beer.
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  4. Just keep practicing, don't let it play on your mind. Close your eyes imagine yourself doing the tasks perfectly. Rehearse this with in your head with your eyes closed. This will help.
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You reckon? If you're that good at everything else, a little bit of nerves on the MSFT is not going to be a problem.
  6. 9:33 best? Is that good enough these days?
  7. Get drugged up or drunk an hour before the run. They'll never notice.
  8. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Try and go for a steady run of about a mile before the test to soak up some of the adrenalin. That's what half of the 'warming up' by athletes is about.
  9. The physical tests are the first thing you do at AOSB and one of the few things that they clearly outline "you must reach this standard to pass". Therefore practice until you know you can hit that standard even when you aren't feeling your best - hungover, tired or in your case a bag of nerves. For the MSFT practice don't stop at 10.2, go to 11 (or whatever you can do, I got 14.8 yesterday at pre-season chin up!) so you know you've got it in you. Guaranteed there will be people in far worse physical shape than you by the sounds of it - three of my group got binned straight out of the phys, one of whom was all the way from Northern Ireland which is a long way to come just to last 15 minutes!

    Secondly the best piece of general advice I got beforehand was try to enjoy it. Admire how clever the process is at times, have a laugh with the others in your group, get fired up for the races and so on. If you have the potential and let it show you'll pass.

    Good luck old boy,

  10. You should be fine.

    I'm currently nursing a leg injury, and my best time for a mile and a half is 10.20. I can manage 47 pushups, and 60 situps.

    My main board is in two weeks. Are you feeling better yet?
  11. Completely normal to feel the nerves shooting through your body before any test or event. Everyone feels the same and if they don't its a lie. The key is know how to work with it and accept it. In a run nerves can also work in your favour. Don't worry to much about it. 9:30 is pretty ideal.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Well, that would be encouraging if you had to run a mile and a half but you don't, you have to get 10.2 on the MSFT. Better to practise that and if you can't make it, give AOSB a call and postpone your board.

  13. I'm aware of that, I just used my mile and a half time to compare to his. I can hit 10.4, so I know I've got it in me.

    I will postpone if my injury doesn't heal in time, but as I'm going to be living in Canada for the next 8 months, I would rather not delay my application by such a long period.

    I'm happy for people to slate me for being badly prepared and rather borderline. My quite reasonable excuse is that for the last 4 years I've been packing on the muscle for my rugby, and as a result I weighed 112 kilos (6'2) only a few months ago. At 99 kilos now I feel a lot fitter, but still quite heavy compared to the other chaps I'l be doing my board with.

    I'm nervous, but I'm confident in my abilities to pass the physical. If something goes wrong, then I only have myself to blame and I'll try again after having had a good talk with myself in the mirror.
  14. Lightweight.