Tessa Jowell Responsible minister - or utter F*ckwit?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldAdam, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. She's a damn good egg and a responsible minister!

  2. She's responsible... For being a Liarbour Minister and therefore... guilty as charged!

  1. Tessa Jowell is the Minister for the Olympics, or so we are led to believe, so it is her duty to support and promote Olympic sports in this country. Surely part of her brief must also be to assist and foster the aims and tenets of the Olympic movement, all the more so since the UK is hosting the 2012 Olympic Games.

    One of the chief aims of the Olympic Movement is to ensure that the host countries benefit from the Games by leaving behind a sporting legacy. The minister is in the position of being able to ensure that this happens, where ever possible. It is perhaps no surprise that, in this respect and in common with so many of her colleagues, Tessa Jowell is just another NuLiarbour incompetent.
    The following is from the Shooting Times:

    Thursday, 20 March 2008

    Tessa Jowell MP, minister for the Olympics anger's shooting groups

    Tessa Jowell MP, minister for the Olympics, last week stated in the House of Commons that, with regard to the London 2012 Games, “there is not a need for a legacy for shooting in the same way as other sports, as there is a world-class facility at Bisley”.

    In response to questioning from the Conservative MP Henry Bellingham, even more astonishing was Mrs Jowell’s assertion that the decision to hold the London 2012 shooting events at a temporary site in Woolwich, at a cost of £25million, had the backing of UK shooters. She declared: “My understanding is that it is broadly supported by those in the shooting federation who had been arguing for an alternative.”

    That shooters are backing the Woolwich plan was news to Phil Boakes, chairman of British Shooting, the governing body for British target shooting. Prior to Mrs Jowell’s comments he sent a letter to all MPs calling for a permanent alternative to Woolwich and highlighting the waste of millions of pounds. He told ST: “I continue to be astounded by those who are in charge of delivering the 2012 Games. It shows that Tessa Jowell has no knowledge of our sport or its needs. If she did, totally incorrect comments such as this would not be made. She is completely wrong about support by those within the federation this is a throwaway remark to try to give her statement credibility.”

    Bisley is a great place but, like so many sporting facilities, it is in serious need of funding or it will simply fade away. That a projected £25,000,000 will be spent building ranges at Woolwich for the 2012 Olympics, followed by a further £8,000,000 to knock it all down again, leaving no sporting 'legacy' is nothing more than a criminal waste.

    I'm tired of hearing the arguments that we would never have got the bid if we'd proposed Bisley as the shooting venue; China's Beijing sites are equally wide-spread and the pollution problems for the athletics events seem to have been ignored just to appease the 'emerging economic giant'.

    Even if China doesn't solve all its problems, the IOC is hardly likely to take the games away from them. Re-siting the shooting events at Bisley, where most of the ground work is already done, is hardly going to lose us the 2012 Games either. The ranges could be ugraded to full electronic targetry and there is room to build first class accommodation for the competitors, all of which would make Bisley live again!

    Such a decision would benefit shooting for decades to come and ensure a truly world class facility...

    ...And for half the money!
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I take it this is a rhetorical question? :D
  3. Absolutely! A mere device to reinforce the point! :D :D :D
  4. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Sorry, I may have misunderstood the question ...

    Tessa Jowell .... responsible? adult? competent? minister?

    "Dear Tessa, please impersonate a Fig.11 at any of the following locations ... [insert your choice here]."

    The arguments for NOT using Bisley are so pathetic that an 8yo could see through them.
    But, of course, the NRA [bless them] have not exactly endeared themselves to Nueu Liarbour.
  5. You make a good point about saying that we wouldnt have got the bid because Bisley was too far away from the olympic centre.

    The same thing happened with the mountain bike venue, which was originally just north of Bisley in Swinley forest - but at the last minute pre bid, the venue was moved to Weald country park in Essex (flat as a pancake, shite MTB location, but close to the centre, supposedly the only way we could win the bid)

    The IOC have now turned round and said what the entire mountain bike community said, that its a fecking joke, and to move it somewhere else, the London committee fought and pleaded to keep it there, as there were a lot of vested interests supporting Weald - luckily the IOC are standing firm and demanding it is moved, one of the reasons being legacy.

    SO - the example set is, you'll never get anywhere persuading the London Olympic campaign that its in the wrong place, you need to get the IOC shooting people on board to say that the legacy is not good enough and tell London to rethink its plans.
  6. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Now, don't call me picky. But I never knew Weymouth was in Greater London?? I know you can't have a regatta on Hyde Park but that is not close to the centre. The people running this are fools, they will waste millions of our money.
    And yes, she is a fcukwit
  7. Q. Tessa Jowell: Responsible Minister or utter F*ckwit?
    A. Utter F*ckwit
    No other comment needed.
  8. There is, of course, the probability that there is a hidden agenda -

    (OA dons tinfoil hat and checks for black helicoptors)...

    It could be that our glorious government truly does not wish to 'waste' the money by advocating Bisley as a world class shooting facility...

    Perhaps, having inspired the MoD to bolster the defence budget by selling off all their very lucrative properties in London, they are now casting their eyes on the Surrey stockbroker belt.

    Call me Mr Cynical, if you like, but there's an awful lot of loot to be garnered by flogging off the likes of Pirbright... And when that goes, so do the ranges and the joint danger areas with Bisley. Of course, the MoD isn't about to maintain something for which it has no further use and the Heath is a SSSI, after all; so how is the NRA expected to maintain that, even if it were able to buy the lease?

    I may be wrong, but having seen the way that Middlewick Ranges, in Colchester, have been slowly strangled - (estimated to be good for 2,400 housing units, a superstore, etc, etc), at a time when the pressure on training facilities has probably never been higher since WWII, I wouldn't put it past the b*stards.

    The point being that a really all-singing, all-dancing Bisley would attract a lot more shooters and encourage a greater shooting programme and (although negligible at the moment) there would be the fringe benefit of more local jobs and extra business. Such a venue might make closing Pirbright a bit more difficult to justify, so...

    'No, Minister, we don't want the shooting venue in Bisley, if you please. Next item...' :roll:
  9. I think its all too clear regarding the govt's proposals regarding the shooting events: whatever they may say in public, the reality is they don't want to promote shooting in any way shape or form because its an activity they disagree with full stop.

    Went to Bisley today - quite depressing and sometimes I wish they'd just get rid of shooting full stop and put it out of its misery.
  10. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Sadly the real estate involved at Bisley [obviously including the range templates] is massively valuable.

    However ... much of the Bisley template is overlaid by the Pirbright template, so I think that might be a red herring. If you can get hold the the OS overprint of the area, you would be staggered by how much of "high value Surrey" is taken up by templates of Ash, Bisley, Pibright, Stoney Castle and others.

    I agree completely with the "political" dimension, though.

    "God forbid that we should be seen to support shooting with GUNS. Unless they are used by ethnic minorities in certain areas of cities, but ... that is a matter for the Police."
  11. This came up in discussion and it was stated that using Bisley for building houses on wasn't feasible due to all the lead and the cleanup would be too expensive; I found that hard to believe but didn't know enough to argue the point.
  12. Re the above to start this thread.

    The same question might be asked of Jaqui Smith and, especially, Hazel Blears!
  13. The question doesn't really need to be asked, they are all Neu Liarbour ergo thaey cannot possibly be described as anything other than total f*ckwits.
  14. It's a smokescreen. If they could (and apparently did) clean up around Chatham Dockyard with all its 'interesting' waste of heavy metals, radioactive materials etc, they could certainly do the same elsewhere.
  15. its bollocks 34 million quid will clean up and build an amazing range complex
    there an epetition already going

    but probably this guy might be more use
    SECRETARY GENERAL international

    shooting sport federation
    Mr Horst G. SCHREIBER
    his email is

    dear sir
    You probably allready know the UK goverment plans to spend £26 million pounds on a tempoary shooting complex that will be destroyed immediatly after the games with no access by ordinary sportspeople. This leaves no legacy to the shooting community in the UK. meanwhile Bisley the home to shooting in the uk is close by and could become an exceptional permanant shooting location.
    I ask you to put pressure of the IOC to make the uk organisers think again about spending a vast sum of money to leave no legacy for UK shooting