tesla car.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Hicks, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. just realised possibly this is the wrong forum. feel free to shift it and give me extra duties.
  2. Pretty impressive car, with an expensive price tag to match. It's all well and good producing cars like the tesla. The only people who can afford to buy them are those who wouldn't have to worry about the high cost of petrol in the first place!
  3. well its a start more use than the g whizz small plastic box thats defeated by
    hills etc.
    more use as a tech demonstrater really look we can make an electric car that is usable
  4. How long is the extension lead?
  5. Arnie's first question,"Hey, where's the other rollerskate?"
    Mel Gibson's just ordered five. Hollywood stars about the only Yanks capable of fitting behind the steering wheel. Bet the big silver stick would confuse a few.
  6. I would buy an electric car if it fulfilled the following conditions:

    Cruising speed of 160 km per hour (for the autobahn)
    approximately 400 km on the autobahn between charges
    charging at motorway services takes preferably 10 but no longer than 20 minutes
    charging at home in several hours, no longer than overnight
    family car
    cost is reasonable

    Until then, I will continue to support the spread of Wahabi Islam into Europe and America by filling my car up with Middle Eastern oil.
  7. I think its a great start and hopefully the research that has gone into it can be made more widely avaliable!

    The problem i see is that the recharging isn't as easy as filling your tank (in terms of time) but if it held charge well enough to consistently deliver 250 miles per charge, then it should be ok!

  8. I agree - and if there is one place on the planet where this will work, its California. Its good to see that its moving the image of leccy cars away from milk floats to something that looks and performs pretty good.

    Hopefully if the Tesla sells, then the price will drop and the viability (commercial and practicality) of electric cars can be tested.

    Perhaps the next iteration will be covering the thing in high efficency solar cells so the car can trickle charge when parked up? (during the day of course).

    My 4.0 litre Rangie does about 250 miles on a tank of LPG (it doesn't go much further on petrol to be honest).