Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by escape_artists_never_die, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. Guys and Girls,

    We'll be using the TESEX kit this summer. A few of us have been wondering if it'll turn into a micromanaged laser quest.... hopefully not but who knows. How have your CoC ran TESEX, if you've had the pleasure of course.

  2. Smoke, Mirrors 2 up and a dam good supply of pencil btys..........
  3. Just played with the TES kit last week, nice stuff but not entirely reliable. Be aware of the fact that you'll probably find yourself emptying a magazine "into someones chest" and having the kit pretend nothing happened. Awesome when it works though, gives a good insight into how difficult section attacks really are. Had 2 sections of potential JUO's assault me and another A coy bod; kills for us - 16, kills for them - 1 8O
  4. PM Meatballsandpasta or Smithie, as they have done TESEX Ex's for the past two years. They way it works is generally the PSIs give each platoon an area to harbour up in... some "int" may come over the net, but essentailly the platoons operate on their own, attempting to destroy each other. Recce patrols out, fighting patrols... all-sorts.
  5. If you put a paper clip on the key thingy on the end of your Rifle you
    get unlimited rounds , also bit of black and nasty on your sensor on your chest
    you wont get shot . Dont let the guy with the ''God gun '' see that of course .
  6. awesome!!! hehe cheating but would be funny for a giggle! We have it again for summer camp too....just come back from easter camp having had a go and it was awesome but as said above its not very reliable but still pretty damn good for us lot to get our hands on. it does make you see things in a different light! it makes you take it more seriously cos you can die and end up sat in a puddle for 2 hours cos you're dead. (i know i know....no one likes sitting in puddles though so dont start having a go!) if you put black and nasty on the sensor do you not get killed for cheating?! i got killed for that when i covered up a sensor with cam by accident....was well gutted! also you can get admin kills all the time! its supposed to be 1 in a 1000.....MY ARSE IT IS!!! also bit fail...if you're batteries are low or the sat nav is playing up then it makes your vest not work as well which is good for you but you dont get full use out of it and you end up getting away with stuff too much and to be fair you dont want to be teaching yourself bad drills cos when it really matters you'll think you can get away with it and end up in a grave or having a seriously bad day....

    anyways if you wanna know anymore, ill try and help. we certainly had fun....

  7. We have just had an exercise using the TESEX kit that requires 5x D batteries and tells you where you have been hit or if you are dead. It also determines if you have tampered with the kit (i.e. disconnected the batteries)

    (I think Naughty was on the same exercise judging by the last post!)

    All in all it worked pretty well with only several of us finding that we were indeed 'invincible'. After we got the lasers aligned to the SUSATs we had a capture the flag type battle in order to assess any problems with kit not working. Due to our closeness to Westdown camp on SPTA we were able to get the dodgy kits exchanged.

    We then used the TESEX kit for a FIBUA assault on Greenlands Camp. It certainly demonstrates the high casualty rates experiecend during OBUA. I don't think anyone atempted to cover any of the sensors as you are only cheating yourself - plus we didn't want to face our PSIs rage if discovered.

    As we are a long way down the food chain for this type of kit we did not use it to its full capability (being tracked by the satellite transmittor)

    All in all we found it a very useful training aid that certainly adds a degree of realism
  8. The kit is the Dogs B*****ks....then I would say that.....I work for CUBIC!!!!!
  9. sounds as if we should be able to have a pretty good exercise then this summer camp-looking forward to doing multiple section attacks with the kit on-few people who have just done mod 3 have been saying what its like to do 3 or 4 in a row-sounds tiring but a good laugh-just have t wait and see how i fayre
  10. Looks like someone's worked out who I am. Oh well, it works both ways.

    TESEX kit...it has plus and minus points. On the plus side, it can be very, very good training, and very very good fun. On the down side, it can bring up some problems.

    Some thoughts from our last TESEX:

    1. It works best if everyone's got the kit. Otherwise, you get problems - specially when the rules aren't 100% clear.
    2. Even if everyone does have the kit, the rules still need to be clear. For example, both sides need to know exactly what the conditions are for a harbour being taken...
    3. Occasionally, it random-kills people, and that's bloody annoying.
    4. One for Harry...safety distances still matter.

    Something we did which worked really well was to arrange set-piece platoon attacks on each other, at the end of the free-for-all. Means that, whatever happens, there'll always be SOME contact; it also encourages people to put some more orthodox tactics to use, rather than the usual TESEX 'Charge, boys, charge!'

    You really need one of the DS to go out with each patrol from one of the sides - makes sure there's always a DS at each contact.

    Feel free to PM for any more details.

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