Tescos this weekend

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by civvygit, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. Starting tomorrow and over the weekend Tesco stores up and down the country will be raising funds for the Army Benevolent Fund by taking part in a series of charity events.

    The initiative was started by the Uttoxter store after the store manager read an article in their newsletter about an injured British soldier running the US Marine Corps Marathon with his father who is operations director of a Tesco company in America.

    Initially it was just this store but word spread and soon half the country had signed up to take part. After hearing of the level of support for the ABF Tesco Head Office made it a national initiative and now about 2500 stores across the country are aiming to raise at least £500 with Tesco then topping this up by 20%.

    This means that the support of this one store in Uttoxeter, The ABF, which is The Soldiers’ Charity, is going to be raising about £1.5 million to help Serving and ex-Serving soldiers and their families
  2. Interesting

    Not been announced within Head Office ......
  3. Local tesco's had collection buckets for something last week, maybe it was the same thing
  4. We were in Tescos in Antrim last night & I was very happy to see ABF Collection Tins at the Tills. Well done to the Senior Management Team for doing this all over the UK.
  5. Surrey Quays is doing the same this weekend, so well done them!
  6. Main Tesco in Blackpool (clifton road site) is doing a ABF this sunday if anyone is around that area
  7. Went to a local Tesco today (ok the Waitrose car park was full) and the girl on the till was wearing a Female Pte's No 2 dress. I asked her if this was the Tesco's new uniform. She explained staff had been asked to wear green today as they were collecting for the Army Benevolent Fund. She had borrowed the uniform from a friend and was wearing it to support the Army. Nice thought pity she didn't realise that in the army uniforms are usually ironed when pulled out from the bottom of a kit bag. But at least she did not wear any para wings or SAS badges.
  8. My store collected for ABF Thursday and Friday...and I even blagged a free ABF t-shirt! :D
  9. Tesco Extra in Colchester is doing this on the 9,10 & 11th

  10. Civvy Git....they were at Tesco in Aldershot today and they were doing a curry! You want to get out more boy!
  11. Tescos in Tidworth had some huge and scary looking ginger female dressing C95 and a khaki baseball hat. I thought initially the local RLC regiment had started employing a better class of soldier...
  12. :D :D :lol: :lol:
  13. ABF (Brig Shaw) have been liaising with "Tesco Head of Corporate Responsibility", whoever that is. There should be some 200 stores with ABF wristbands for sale, there should have been local media visits (with reg or TA soldiers) yesterday, and collection tins out 3 - 11th Oct - mostly 9-11th Oct.

    ABF local collection day today so I'll be at that taking photos ...
  14. There was a collection going for the ABF in my local Tesco's in North Wales last night. Good to see
  15. Thanks

    Just a bit annoyed that the Adults don't tell the workers about this... they are more than happy to ram other charities under our noses .. outside of the cookhouse (restaurant my ARRSE) in Pogress !!! but the one i ,and a few others, would support does not get a mention.