Tescos and resettlement claims

Thanks to all that helped on the "Booking Service Accommodation" thread but I need more advice.

I am chasing claims for resettlement going back to April. Please don't ask because it's a long and boring story.


I paid for all accommodation and everything else out of my own pocket. I'm finally getting it sorted but I get the feeling that I am getting a big tablet from the staffy dealing with the claim.
I went in today (70 mile+ round trip) because he said that he needed the Reference number for my hotel bookings. That wouldn't be a problem but I had already given them to him.
While I was there he explained that some of the receipts for actuals had to be ignored because "you have to go to a proper food place and not a supermarket". He then gave me an envelope with the receipts that he was talking about. When I got home and looked at the receipts, there were receipts from the resettlement centre cafe, Tesco's, Costa Coffee and the restaurant that I used for breakfast as well as a Chinese restaurant.

So, can anyone explain why this could have happened? ( apart from the barney I had with him two weeks ago!) And is his comment about Tesco's correct? Apparently I can claim for a butty at dinner time but not for nibbles in my hotel in the evening???

No, he's being an **** twat or, in fairness, the auditor is. Clear direction was given that Day Subsistance was to feed you for between 5 and 24 hours, including meals, snacks and drinks (including one alcoholic drink with your evening meal). However, it does say that it must be pre-prepared meals. You could buy a sandwich but not bread, butter, chesse etc and make your own. Your receipts must also be itemised and not general ie 'food and drink'. Receipts are only required when they can be reasonable obtained and you should sign a statement to that affect when receipt are not produced. The rate is £24.52 per day BUT you aggregate it over the period, ie spend £30 one day and £15 the next and claim back the full £45. Check out JSP 752 Ch 3 on Armynet.

Sorry - I got in full flow and couldn't stop!
That's a great help mate, Thank You!

What about the receipts that he returned to me from the NAAFI at the resettlement centre? And the others? SHOULD I be able to claim them back as well?

Thanks again!!
Going by what you've said, as long as it is pre-prepared food and within the limit I cannot see why not.
He is being a bit of an arrse, but you do get them, I take it you are submitting a manual claim? What I would do, and it makes life a whole lot easier, for the FSA and the auditor, is sit down, prepare all your receipts in date order, attach to an A4 piece of paper all the receipts for that one day, with the total amount of expenditure on all pre-prepared food in the bottom right hand corner, regardless if it goes over the limit. Re-submit the claim in a nice polite manner, if it gets rejected again, I would go over this mans head. Let me know how you get on.

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