Tesco Value Stripper

Can anyone think of another caption for this photo?

Here's mine to start off (although as I am a bit drunk, I unashamedly pinched it off Dr_Chris) :D

Matt Damon has stated his complete embarrassment over the following leaked picture posted on an unofficial fan website. He promises he will not hold the flag upside down ever again.

"Mr Damon was only used to doing strip teases for the Borrowers"

"American interrogation of Guantanamo Bay's first female, western prisoner is heavily criticised by human rights watchdogs"

"When Miss Jones asked the barman for a short stiff one, this was not quite what she had in mind."
"Silvia felt rather mislead at Matt's classified add stating he had a well built, muscular frame with a childlike charm."
I guess this proves that what they always say about steroids is true
It's like a cock, only smaller. 8O

The PC response to this is that the gentleman has come to terms with having a winkie like a chipolata and is unafraid to share it with the opposite sex.

The cynic's response is that this is a not very convincing bit of photoshop tomfoolery. :roll:

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