'Tesco Takeover Our Towns'

Must some "conflict of interests" there.Are plod now in Tescos' pockets? Meanwhile here in East Sussex,there is talk of closing police stations to "save money"


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It is common practice for planning authorities to squeeze commercial applicants for 'betterment', in effect asking for the municipal equivalent of a kickback. Often it takes the form of making the applicant pay for highway improvements, or subsidise 'affordable housing', or whatever. Not quite the same as deciding planning applications on their merits. Socialism alive and well really.
It does smack a bit of bribery to secure planning permission. I am sure that the Council thinks that it is doing the right thing, because it only seems to be a natural extension of the long-standing practice of requiring those developing a housing estate to build schools, playgrounds, community centres etc. But that is different, it is perfectly reasonable to require the developer to provide facilities for the thousands of people who are about to move in and is not 'bribery' as it is simply ensuring that the council is not just suddenly required to find a few million to provide them before the new council tax payers start paying (and have been paying long enough to build up the capital).
It's called “planning gain” and is basically a form of corruption in which firms have bribe government in order to get planning permission. It is considered legal because it is the community that benefits directly. However, the politicians hope that it makes them more likely to be re-elected and so it is an indirect bribe to them.

There is nothing specific to Tesco about it and Tesco will have no control over the police station once it is built.
Tesco have a track record of trading local infrastructure for stores in the West Mids, they built a Store in Cradley Heath just south of Dudley on the condition it built a road bypass to take the traffic off the already congested High St. The bypass was built and so was the store. This bypass was needed for years and the Local Authority would/could not provide the funds for it. A number of local businesses also profited from the compuslary purchases - the local Liberal Club had a brand new top notch club built and a local historical building was removed and sent to the Black Country Museum Cradley Heath Workers' Institute - Black Country Living Museum - Britain's friendliest open air museumCradley Heath was always a busy High St with mostly local traders occuping the stores, far from taking business away from these shops they seem to be busier than ever.
Mate of mine with Carillion says the "Affordable housing" element of a new estate is very often replaced with a massive cheque to the local authority.
The usual load of tosh on here mixed in with some truths. No surprise there really. All local authorities whatever their political makeup use these planning agreements. It's often termed a section 106 and is viewed as a planning gain from whatever the application is for. It's a contractual agreement that a sum of money will be paid for an agreed scheme such as traffic improvements or a contribution to a training scheme for young people or sometimes social housing if the application is for housing developement. Never heard of a Police station being built before but if the agreed sum is 7 million quid, the Tesco scheme is obviously a big one, but then if you see the size of their stores these days, that's not a surprise.

The money, whatever the agreed amount is, which can be just a few hundred quid to several millions, is always tied to a specific contractual agreement and once the money is handed over, the local authority must spend it only on the agreed scheme. There are also usually time constraints on how long the authority has to spend the money. If for example the scheme says you must have installed these traffic lights by September, 2012 and the authority hasn't done so, a switched on applicant can claim the agreement has not been complied with and claim their money back. They can be quite a strain on the resources of a local authority to carry them out and there have been many instances of the money having to be paid back to the contributor.


They've been in bed with the MoD as well. They had a deal in Catterick Garrison which allowed them to build there. In fairness to them though, they did create employment for many local people, which included soldier's spouses. Harrogate has just fought them off, but it's only a matter of time before they get in.
Listen at the end of the day Tesco would get planning permission because there is no reason to decline the application other than plans being wrong e.g not building to planning regulations or building control so the council may aswell squeeze a little something off the cnuts it's called regeneration an if it benefits the community what's the problem.
West Bromwich? Surprised they didn't build a mosque instead.
Mosque Metro... or drive thru Mosque where you can kneel on a moving carpet conveyor... job done!
Can we make our minds up please? Is it Tesco's or the muslims who are taking over the world?

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