Tesco next down the pan?

Always go grocery shopping with a list ; and stick to it
One of the things i like about Aldi/Lidl is that it is hard to deviate from your 'routine' shop due to the limited options.
Of course there is awlays the chance you will walk out with a new hammer drill when it's DIY specialbuys!
Has anyone noticed that the current fad is for all things 'protein' now? After a few years of ubiquitous bloody 'salted caramel', now it's 'protein'. Cereals, shakes, smoothies, biscuits... lavatory rolls. All carrying the magical word 'protein'. Paying for my petrol the other day, I noticed even Mars Bars have gone 'protein'.

Mars Bars? You know, the Mars a day that helps you work, rest, play and kick some weakling's arse into next week'.

Not just a Tesco thing, but general.

There was an odd guy who, years ago, used to wander up and down Oxford Street with a placard, who would have a few things to say on the subject.

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He was brilliant & always happy to have a chat about other things than protein & sitting.

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