Tesco move to the Dark Side

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Clearly the store manager was not weak minded, or the Jedi mind trick "I can go about my business" & hand gesture would have worked.
  2. :lol: Nice one Tesco spokesperson.
  3. Nice one, I hope they do the same to people wearing burkhas....but somehow I doubt that they don't.
  4. it may be stupid but its no more stupid than a burkha or a cross.
  5. Nice quote by the Tesco man. Unfortunately his light hearted treatment of this matter could well come back and bite him in the arrse. The jedi used the "humiliated" defence. Cue one human rights lawyer seeking some publicity = annoyance and maybe a cash payout. Even the need for Tesco to reconsider its dress codes for all shoppers(?)
  6. Hang on, this dweeb has 500K followers worldwide-if it was me I'd issue a Send ten quid now Fatwah then do one with the dosh-other than that this bloke is a prize prick and needs a good slap
  7. This "dweeb" probably doesn't pay council tax on his property (a church) and has other tax concessions due to his "religion" :D
  8. He should try Lidl/Aldi.They let any fecker in.
  9. He should try the Royal Irish NAAFI. If they let those fuckers in with dossbags on their head then I wouldn't see a hood being an issue.
  10. theres a twofer on plastic lightsabers in the student twat aisle
    just next to the moaning bitch jamrag aisle
    and the fucking nan doesn't get facebook humor stinking of piss rack
  11. Half of the staff at my local tesco are so fcukin ugly they ought to wear hoods to prevent scaring little children. :wink:

    Edited to add,that was a nice touch offering the church business card. :lol:
  12. As long as you have the cash! 8O
  13. Life, none this one has. Girlfriend, get a he should. If he had any style whatsoever he'd've at least told the Tesco bid 'If you strike me down i shall become more powerful then you can possibly imagine!'