Tesco Heart Rate Monitor!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Praetorian, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. Anyone else bought one? I was playing with my new one tonight, and I have managed to get it stuck on thinking that I was born in 1950. Anyone got any ideas how to change it back?

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Do you still have the packaging?
  3. Sorted it now, just reset the fucker!
  4. How much? My old one is busted.
  5. £20! A princely sum!
  6. £20? That's pretty good.
  7. Fcuk me! I got my last one from Lidl, £5. Probably why it's busted. :roll:
  8. This ones pretty good actually.
  9. Lloyds chemist have one at £10 - a reasonable bit of kit apart from the fcking battery which died within minutes!!
  10. I got one from Maplin and had to take it back - you needed a jeweler's screwdriver to put the battery in it FFS. £20 from Tesco sounds good - I tried a Polar one that said it was ECG accurate and pretty much seemed to be, but some of them seem to throw out random numbers - you can guess more accurately.

    The other thing I wondered about was whether heart rate was everything as a measure of cv effort. Running fast on a treadmill my heartrate can be very high, but perceived exertion is quite low. Carrying weight up a hill heartrate can be lower, but my heart can be banging out of my chest, and if I open my mouth wide there's a horrible rushing sound of blood with each beat, "tak-sheesh, tak-sheesh".

    I think some exercises get the blood back to your heart more efficiently through the so-called "peripheral heart action", so heart rate seems lower, but the amount of blood shifted and the real effort is higher.
  11. Ok, stand by, I needed one to reset this one, as I fucked up when I initially set it up. I think thats standard practice for watches/similar to be honest.
  12. just got one meself and ballsed up my weight though
    would love to be 50lb if i were 6

    how did you reset it as the instructions are shite
    am i going to have to de-battery re-battery it?
  13. Fu ck I need a drink!
  14. tescos are doing an offer on cranberry juice
    help with any nasty urinary tract infections you might have picked up over crimbo :twisted: