Tesco fail in bid for alcohol licence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Kurgen, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Tesco have failed in their bid to become the only retailer of alcohol in a district of Birmingham.
    The population of Bournville voted succesfully against what they perceived as "Bully boy tactics" by the supermarket.


    May not seem like much, however, given the way Tesco seem to bulldozer their way through communities, it`s good to see local tradition and feeling being taken note of
  2. Very satisfactory to see a big corporate bully being put in its place by local people, who presumably know their own mind. :numberone:

    Now they'll probably get a nice, friendly, family-owned off-licence.

    Well done, Bournville!
  3. Doubt it as it was set up by a quaker, i.e. no booooooooozzzeee! (hic hic)
  4. Good - I feel better already.
  5. Tesco were refused planning permission for a new store in Inverness. :numberone:

    They shamelessly manipulate figures to pretend they will have no impact on struggling town centres to pull the wool over the eyes of the planners, and normally get away with it. The worm is turning!
  6. Tesco already have a massive 24-hour megastore just 2 miles east of Inverness, and another pretty sizeable one (also 24hr) at Dingwall, just to the north. Surely that's quite enough for that area. Inverness may be the fastest-growing city in the EU, but it's still not vast.

    As for Bournville, I doubt if the Quaker founders' original rule/byelaw against booze can still be lawful. If it was, why was there any need to get the locals to vote on the Tesco proposal?
  7. Because to get a booze licence, they need as per normal to apply , and see if there are any objections.

    In chocolatebox village, there are. Many people choose to live in Bournville (If they can get on the list) because it's probably the last place in England, that feels like 1940.

    All it needs is some Yanks with Nylons, and wartime posters and it's there.
  8. Presumably the Cadbury family's antipathy to booze (especially among their workers) can no longer be part of the local (bye)law in Bournville, since Tesco's advisors presumably would have known that, and thus wouldn't have imagined they could open a booze place there in the first place. Hence no need for a local vote.

    The place is a bit like Frinton-on-Sea shunted inland to the midlands, from what I remember from a fleeting visit long ago. And none the worse for that . . . .
  9. Bournville has been "dry" for over 130 years, why change something that is not broken? The nearest pub is probably only a brisk walk away?

    I'm now off to Hartlepool to buy a pair of exploding trousers.
  10. More bad PR for tesco, they need a better PR manager.
  11. I applaud the decision to deny Tesco their venture into selling alcohol in Bourneville - well done the decision makers.

    I hope Tesco will stop any appeal procedure and accept the decision. Not having this establishment will not affect Tesco's commercial performance at all.

    I am a Tesco shareholder but I am beginning to become unhappy with the perception of the company as expressed in the media.

    Are there no legal covenants in effect that would preclude the sale of alcohol on the land in and around Bourneville ?
  12. The local council could implement a no drinking zone, which would prohibit drinking in public. As far as selling alcohol is concerned the system is that local residents, as interested parties, can object to any licence being applied for. This is what has happened here and they have been successful. If Tescos appealed to the Magistrates Courts and Tescos won, the locals could take it to the High Court and go for a Judicial Review.

    Or they could trigger a review of Tescos licence every year if they have evidence that any of the four Licensing Objectives - Prvention of Crime and Disorder, Public Safety, Prevention of Public Nuisance and Protection of Children from Harm - were being compromised.

  13. Port sunlight on the wirral is similar as well. very quaint and 40's.
  14. It sounds v. agreeable, like B'ville and F-on-Sea.

    Was PS a Leverhume development? Memory vaguely stirs . . . And is (or was) PS "dry"? Doubt it - the late L'hume liked his pink gin. :D