Tesco delivery man off to France

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by angular, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Our Tesco delivery man (ex-RAF, with a son in Basra) is moving to France, finally sick of this country (he lives in Newmarket, so I can sort of understand).

    Is there anyone in government who seriously believes that losing people like that is OK, so long as they're replaced by some stranger from Poland or Bangladesh?? Is anyone, including the boy Cameron, going to make it worthwhile for people to stay?
  2. 1.3 million Poles last year can't be wrong!
  3. No worries mate , you can always use Ocado
  4. Is he going to get a job in France? Does he speak french, know the local roads etc? Are his van driving skills much sought after because the frenchies refuse to do that kind of job?

    Or is he going to be a benefit scrounger?
  5. He's going to take all the money he earned here, and spend it over there.
  6. Has he got his eye on a junction in Paris to blockade come the next transport strike?

    After a bit of mourning, I think life will go on without Mr Tesco Driver. If only the whole Tesco brand would follow him, and make way for some decent produce.
  7. Stop press. Van driver emigrates.

    How on earth will the country cope without him? Such a skilled professional. The country must have really invested a great deal of time and resources into ensuring that this man was able to pass his Highway code and driving test.

    Give me strength.
  8. Alright I quit, bone comment, I'm sure he'll be very happy, enough sausage jokes, just pi$$ed off because someone else is leaving because he thinks the country is going to the dogs, but fcuk it, we can spare him. :x
  9. It's probably not surprising that as the UK is driven expertly into the toilet by liarbore, the political party that has fantastically screwed over soldiers, sailors, airmen, teachers, NHS workers, police officers, firemen etc etc etc, more and more skilled, trained, experienced or otherwise "desirable" UK citizens will leave for greener pastures, leaving behind gaping holes in the services and industries that they were part of, which drags the UK further into decline (an observation, not a complaint, after all, if the grass is greener, who would stay here?) which in turn makes the place even less desirable. Of course, this doesn't bother the legions of "migrant workers" coming over here from even shittier places who aren't bothered about the crumbling services, increasing prices/taxes etc, no, those poor sods are just happy to get a meal a day.
    What this means though is that eventually the UK will be populated completely by "Native" people that either want to leave desperatley, or migrant worker dudes who are happy to have found a country that isn't as war torn as their own.

    If I were to be completely full of doom and gloom, you could just imagine the flow of UK people out of the UK as big flows of green ink that spread out across a lrather fetching coloured map (with all the different countries coloured in different colours) and tinge the countries they settle in a slightly greener shade, which eventually turns the shade of whatever country they settled in as they incorporate themselves into that country. Back in the UK, the incoming lads, with green flowing out of the map of the UK, are tinging the UK a shade of blue, which doesn't turn green over time, which stays the same blue as their home countries, because no one in the UK is expected or encouraged to integrate. Before you know it, the green has largely disappeared off the map, and the UK is as blue as countries elsewhere.

    Okay okay, so it's dramatising it a bit, and I don't really expect the situation will ever come to pass to that extent, because the majority of people are happy to put up and shut up, unlike tesco boy here, who has voted with his feet. Perhaps it comes across as being a load of doom and gloom, and I could see why It could be construed as such.

    Just a thought, and I hope I'm wrong.