Tesco Body worn cameras?

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We wear mics and mini earpieces at work, we can talk to an individual worker, a department, a manager, or everyone in the store.

Method 1
Customer asks for an obscure object, press the mic button repeating the question as if you are confirming what the item is, "Gripples you say?" Thinking "why ask me"
Ear Piece >
"Gripples... Aisle 11 bay 6"
"I think that would be aisle 11 bay 6 Sir" pointing them in the right direction.

Method 2
Hot Chick asks for an obscure object, press the mic button repeating the question,
"Gripples you say?" Surreptitiously checking out the tittay's.
Ear Piece >
"Gripples... Aisle 11 bay 6"
"Hmmm, I'm not really sure but those may be in Aisle 11. Lets go down there together and I'll help you look for it"
There's a tesco in Glasgow that keeps the cheese in the security cases, baby food too, fair enough the cheese but shouldn't do that to baby food, If someone's stealing baby food there obviously desperate, not that stealing is right but it's better than a baby going hungry
Selling baby food for crack. Years ago, maybe 25 or so, was walking through a city centre late at night and a couple with a baby in a stroller asked for money to buy nappies. The money was for crack
They have Been using them in Tesco Montrose for about 6 months, only at the check outs, not the shelf stackers etc. apparently they were getting lots of aggro. It records sound and vision.

I know one operator there and she said at first sign of trouble they tell customer they are being recorded and it rapidly defuses. Disproves any false allegations of rude staff etc

Rough looking sorts, abrasive language, bad tattoo's, an air of violence ?

I understand the staff reflect the community they serve, but they appear not to need noncey cctv id badge cameras ??

on the other hand Sainsburys have a black security, dressed all in black, recently he's back in black covid face mask looking shinobi the f'kin ninja...


Some of the Tesco staff have them here. Unfortunately a couple of days ago when a drunken angry bloke started kicking off about the prices being wrong the manager just paid for the drunk blokes booze out of his own pocket whilst the 'security' guard was sat in the doorway scrolling through Facebook.

In Sainsburys earlier today a scraggly methed up scrote started kicking off and swearing after having his shopping taken off him at the tils, after I asked him to stop swearing in front of women and children he threatened kill me and some other members off staff. Management walked over after to 'investigate' the commotion as soon as they had seen the scrote leave the store. Security was parked on his arse less than 10 metres away through the whole incident.

London: Sh!thole of the highest order.
At my local Tesco we are plagued by scrotes begging at the door and nearby ATM all day (usually sat next to several empty bottles of cider or cans of Stella - The students visiting the shop are seen as an easy mark). Tesco securty just stand there chatting away to them like it's a distraction from stopping their mates robbing the shop blind.


I was in Tesco’s In Fraserburgh (Scotland) earlier. Several of the staff were wearing body cameras. Is this something I have missed elsewhere or is it unique to that store?
Just a wild, random thought, but do the (civilian) staff who are wearing the body cameras object to the (also) civilian customers who are also wearing them?

Edit... @vvaannmmaann. Not aimed at you in any way mate. A rhetorical question.
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Just wonder what encryption, password policy and other access protection is used on these? If one is lost or stolen could all personally identifiable data (video/sound) be accessed by a scrote/organised crime gang? Especially with self service and floor walkers, a slim possibility of harvesting card details? Possible breach of DPA 2018, failing to adequately protect data?

I would like to think that all these store/organisations using these have updated their ISMS policies. It is a sad reflection on our society that these are needed. However anything that protects staff, customers, the public and assists with safety/crime prevention in general has to be welcomed.

Just thinking aloud.
The cameras are a pain in the arse, you have to double check they're off before you start to slag management off! XD we've had them for just under a year.

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