Tesco bans parents with children from buying alcohol

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, May 14, 2008.

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  1. Tesco bans parents from buying alcohol if they are with their OWN children
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  2. correct me if im wrong, but if an adult buys alchohol for someone underage, then its that adult and not the store that is responsible?
    This sounds totaly rediculous
  3. This doesn't surprise me. A check out girl tried to refuse the sale of alcohol to me because I'm not 25. She gave a leaflet to me which clearly said that if the customer doesn't look 25 then they must be asked for ID. I showed her this but she was having none of it. Took for the manager to come and OK it before I could buy it.
  4. a tesco checkout girl once refused to serve me because my debit card looked "too worn" and this apparently indicates that it was stolen?!?
    Had to get the manager and have a barney efore i go what i wanted
  5. Depends on the ID you have with you, there are surprisingly few types which can be 'officially' accepted, Passport, Drivers License, birth certificate (with other photo ID to prove its you) are the three main ones, alot of places wont accept things like Student ID's or even some places MOD90's for various reasons. As a barmaid I've refused to serve alot of people for not having official ID's simply because its my job on the line if Im wrong I would assume its the same for the cashier.

    But as for the main story, Tesco have finally lost the plot, if a parent cant buy themselves a drink when they do the weekly shop when can they?
  6. You should leave the child/children at home (perhaps locked in a cellar) while you go out for several hours and get all your shopping done.
  8. You can leave them in the car as long as you leave the windows up so that they are safe from the bad men :roll:
  9. If my dad did that he'd never get any booze, I tend to have the car keys, the house keys and his wallet when we go shopping.

    Of course leaving my dad locked up at home while I went to do the shopping would likely result in me not coming home, due to excessive alcohol consumption.
  10. I have had the pleasure of working in a supermarket and you can get fined if they buy alchol for a minor(its a lots of money if i remember rightly), but u have to be an uber zealous cnut to not serve people, probably just a scared manager
  11. So the store can get fined if an adult with ID (child present or no) if they then give that alchohol to a child?
    Anyone else see anything wrong with this?
  12. Or go out for a drink at a local bar. Leaving the kids at home
  13. Ye its something to do with intent? They always told us to ask an adult who they were buying it for if a 40+ bloke was buying alcopops.
  14. thats rediculous, would anyone realy say "oh yes im buying these bottles of frosty jack because a group of chav scum threatened to key my merc if i didnt"?
  15. I think its more a covering the companies arrse exercise, they dont care if managers get sacked in 18 months 3 store managers and 1 duty manager and 7 department managers not bad eh. But the company can get realy big fines if its considered institutional.