Tesco Armed Forces General Management Scheme

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by KnightsofRowallan, Oct 3, 2012.

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  1. Has anybody had any experience of this?

    I'm currently involved with it, but I am having doubts.
  2. Why the doubts?
  3. I just showed it to the wife, she is on her laptop applying right now.
    Thanks for the lead
  4. Yes. Colin says he loves it. Tesco have introduced Tesco's Scan As You Shop, after you've used that lovely hand held scanner and packed everything on the way round, once you get to the checkout Colin will empty your bags and start again. It only takes an hour, fabulous. You get to wear fabulous headsets and stack vegetables, interact with charming soap dodgers and even drive a trolley. Fcuk knows how you apply, haven't worked it out yet. You could try picking up a recruitment card in store and check tesco-careers.com, where they say pop in to your local store, where they'll give you another card and send you home...."no jobs goin' 'ere mate". Sure fire winner. Apply today, every little helps.
  5. I'd be interested to know what the doubts are as well. For comparison, a few years back Lidl and Aldi were recruiting officers to be regional managers (pretty sure and not just area) to be in place a year after training. At the time, the basic was more than a senior Captain was earning.
  6. And from what I hear, they make you earn every last penny. They work you like dogs and treat you like shit, thats why they are always recruiting.
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  7. Came back from pru synopsium today,CPT apparently refer transitional guys in.
  8. I haven't seen them recruit for these roles for years, I just think they might be a decent comparison regards job content.

    There's no shortage of companies that work you like dogs and treat you like shit, or perhaps just one or the other. Some sectors are worse than others. So much for the enlightened employer.
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  9. Werewolf has albeit without the Armed Forces or General Management parts.
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  10. I put an application in. They say they will be in touch within 1-2 weeks, so watch this space
  11. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    A Matelot I know fairly well used the precursor to this scheme - manages a very large store now, gets an excellent package (in excess of an OF5) but he works like a loony.
  12. So what are the doubts referred to earlier?
  13. OK, they got back in touch and arranged a phone interview to discuss : Generating commitment, Customer Focus, Evaluating performance and Team Working (this last one wasn't actually discussed). The interviewer was a young lady who was obviously working from a script. Generating Commitment translated to how I'd managed a difficult situation and kept everyone on side to achieve the goal. Customer Focus - that was easy as I am in a Ph 3 Training establishment so internal customers are the students and external are the sponsors and others. Evaluation - we talked about the individual and organizational evaluation strategies. This is Competency Based Interviewing (some of you may have done the Civil Service course) so it is about what you did not what you might do. The final question was 'can you tell me about a time when your own performance was not up the the standard required'...good question and we've all got examples - my own was when I was put into a job where I hadn't the experience to bring my skills to bear and how I coped. They gave me the headings beforehand so I had two A3 sheets of paper with headings, key management terms (bullshit bingo!) and some gucci examples.

    The whole thing took 30 minutes (they phoned bang on the dot they said they would). Then next stage is to let me know within 10 working day if they want to move on and arrange a 2-4 week work placement in a store. OK the rub, she told me they are recruiting at Line Manager level - retail 21-27K and distribution 24-31k.

    When they talk to you they have your CV in front of them so make sure you have a copy to refer to.
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  14. So, ten working days have passed and no communication, either positiver or negative. I wasn't intending to proceed any further anyway, but if they can't stick to their promissed deadlines then not generating any confidence tha they would be worth working for anyway.