Tesco 4% Lager

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Poacher, Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. Dear ArRSER's (not to be confused with the new brand for TA),

    I like a can of special brew or kestral super strength from time to time and dont mind if it has a brown paper bag round it or not.

    But, after Xmas, I bought some Tesco lager 4% abv, and noticed that the can had changed design, but the price had not, not being too choosy over my getting wrecked, I just ploughed on (graduated from the Buckfast academy, sponsored by Maracuja gold). Imagine my disgust when I get my 'lager' (I use the quatation marks, as rodents urine may be a better description) home and it tastes like some really cheap Top Deck Shandy.

    Am I the only grumpy old git that has noticed, or has anybody else sobered up enough to notice too?
  2. Here come the lobsters
  3. Your problem for drinking stuff like lager. To paraphrase Monty Python, it's like making love in a canoe.

    ******* close to water.
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  4. If you want gopping, try the Tesco's red wine in a can, (about the same size as a red bull can). It appears to be red coloured water with a dash of tepid vinegar.
  5. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    for the more discerning harry ramp - trampjuice - Tramp Juice
  6. What about this stuff?

    25p a can

  7. I found Kouros (The Greek God of the 1980's) aftershave & lemonade makes a quite passable Gin.
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  8. Drinkable as a chaser
  9. Have you really bought a can of supermarket own-brand lager and then gone on to the internet to complain about the quality?

    Are you writing this from your piss stained sofa in a council house with an overgrown, dog-shit covered lawn? Wearing a once-white vest that now resembles the sort of colouring that can only be otherwise achieved by drinking meths and cheap absinthe one after the other until you throw up on to an area of snow that someone's already relieved themselves on?

    You pikey ******* ****.
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  10. Tastes like horse-piss?
  11. Remember getting told off by my manager for brining up the fact they were having a bogoff on cider at sommerfields.
    "Apprantly supporting are clients does not mean letting them where cheap alcohol is :)"
    Brighton its mostly white cider
    While kent its mostly tennants.
    Although the crustly lover there special brew.
  12. 4% lager, 96% Equine spaff.

    (bugger you CB and your quick fingers!!!)
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  13. £1 for 4 cans of larger, had one with a curry tonight not a good move. Tesco's red wine in a carton isn't bad when you're skint
  14. My local corner shop sells pint cans of Stella for £1 each