Terry Talebano on the TROT

Kandahar prison has opted for an early release program, by letting a 1,000 Terry Talebano's out for a weekend (or two) pass.

I'm taking bets on the following:

1) They will all turn up sheepishly on Monday morning.

2) They will file a complaint with the warden about the quality of food before coming back on Tuesday.

3) They will slap the wife and kids around before turning up on Wednesday.

4) They will disappear without trace, arm themselves with AK's, hide in the mountains and ambush / attack the allied forces on Thursday.


5) All be bombed to shitt and bulletized to death on or before Friday.

Any other options before "all bets are off" are welcome.
Well I heard it was all an MI5 plan. They have been fitted with trackers and eventually will all be located and killed with their friends. Not sure where all the virgins are coming from, must be running low now
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