Terry Taleban

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. Rummaging around in the media after the 'Harry in Afghanistan' story, I see a few commentators getting all pucker-mouthed and pear-shaped over the use by him of the appellation "Terry Taleban". (Sorry for not having links, but they're Grauniad/C4-type sites if I recall correctly). None actually said why they disliked the name, but I think I know; they're so brainwashed by the NLab/PC/race industry and its media slaves that they instinctively believe it to be a 'racist' term.

    I'm now waiting for news of a directive from the MoD downwards instructing all in Afghanistan to withhold from offending Terry. Prior to that there may well be a race-related exposé in one or another of the daily bottom-wipes. I give it two weeks.
  2. That's nothing - wait for the mongs to start complaining!
  3. If you murder people, enforce a regime whereby you persecute all around you, terrorise, intimidate and generally act like a nasty bastard, you foreit the right to anything like PC niceties.

    Can you image some govt department or even Aunty Beeb during WWII directing the population not to call those terribly nice Germans 'the Bosch, Jerries, Krauts or Nazi cunts'?? I somehow dont think so.
  4. On the news one bloke said people have complained because they dont like it that a member of the Royal Family was fighting islamic militants??????? what a load of horse piss.
  5. Does that mean the guys will have to start calling the ragheads 'stills' instead?

  6. Don't know if anyone else saw this on the Channel 4 website -


    I'm speechless.
  7. Don't lets be Beastly to the scum!

  8. 'Islamic militants'????

    A slighty watered down description.

    It's like saying Pol Pot was a bit of a socialist.
  9. We are not worthy! Beautifully put!
  10. My name is Terry and i think it is a disgrace :D

    Who cares they are the enemy and that is all there is about it. The country is full of these ponsy whinging NuLab *********.

    P.S can we change it to Trevor Taliban :D

  11. The trouble is, most of the sandle wearing Grauniad readers have blurred the lines of reality treating any aggresion against any ****** who isn't white european as being anti-something-or-other or racist in some form or another. I'm pretty sure most of the 99.9% of peace loving, law abiding Muslims would be a bit peeved at them being grouped with Terry Taliban purely on the fact they both point the same direction to pray.
  12. Has anyone heard of all the staged comments yet? Like when he was fireing the .50 it was all staged???? horse urine.
  13. Don't mention the Crusades. I did but I think I got away with it.
  14. Do be brief. Unless having a Gurkha 'cocker' is the norm in your mob.
  15. I hope it was staged as he wasnt aiming at anything, terry taliban was a nickname given to make light of a situation at the time when moral wasnt at its highest and it just stuck, unfortunate that it has been sucked into the PC argument :(