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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by mooch, Apr 15, 2005.

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  1. I'm fairly sure that a lot of you on here would have reads this mans books.
    I am talking of course about the disc world series.
    These are great books and should be tried by everyone.
    My favorite character is carrot, he is the best GWA by far.

    A few years ago, i heard from somewhere that a film was being spoken about, has anyone else heard about this?
  2. daz

    daz LE

    Soul Music was turned into an animated film, got it on video somewhere, came with a nifty Tour t-Shirt and a set of post cards in part one, part two just had the postcards (cheap sods)

    Wyrd Sisters was also made, but i've never seen it on sale.

    Both films were made for C4 if memory serves me

  3. daz

    daz LE

  4. Was'nt wyrd Sisters just an animated film tho?
  5. daz

    daz LE


    Yes it was mate, sorry for any confusion.

  6. There have been rumours of a Discworld film if Hitchikers Guide does well but I really can't see it happening myself.
    While the books are written in a film like style (no chapters, lots of "cuts") they are really quite literary, most of the jokes and much of the story tend to rely on the narrative description and footnotes rather than dialogue. How do you explain DEATH and the Librarian without load of clunky exposition? And just think how all the magic would go down with bible belt America which found Harry Potter difficult enough to swallow. Even with the story sorted out the only way you could do justice would be to spend a fortune on effects.
  7. Would be bloody awesome to see the nightwatch series made into films, but as bladensburg rightly says it would be bloody difficult. A lot of the narrative is what the characters are thinking. My vote would be on Terry Gilliam doing them. He seems to be in the right frame of mind for that stuff, plus he's called terry as well.
  8. You'd have to start with one of the early books like Mort or Guards Guards because they explain many of the concepts that readers of later books are expected to be familiar with. You couldn't do Nightwatch or The Fith Elephant without giving the backstory of the Vimes character, although the Watch stories are probably the most filmable because they use characters and situations that are vaguely familiar from crime fiction.

    i'd love to see Small Gods done though, because it is on of the most biting satires on organised religion I've ever read.

    Edit: Why the feck does the forum make n!ghtw@tch into ****?
  9. nigh-t w a t-ch
    Bloody hell
    You would have to start right at the beggining. Something i've wondered before, who would you get to play the main characters if you did do a film of discworld?

    CMOT Dibbler?
    The Patrician?
  10. How old is Vimes? As for the Patrician I think he's supposed to be around 50?

    Who would play DEATH?
  11. Good Omens, which Pratchett co- wrote is better than the disc-world series in MHO. The plot is a bit like Constantine, only miles better and with plenty of comedy. e.g the M25 being actually a project completed by one of hells fallen angels. :lol:
  12. The Patrician could only be Ian "An Ungentlemanly Act" Richardson, Alexei Sayle for C.M.O.T. Dibbler and DEATH would have to be CGI with Christopher Lee (who else?) doing the voice.
    Vimes goes back twenty or so years in N!ghtw@tch :roll: and his earlier self was late teens so I suppose that puts him in his forties. He'd be trick to cast because he's not very well described physically, he's supposed to be the archetypal downtrodden policeman though and you'd need someone capable of portraying "knurdeness" convincingly. Carrot is also tricky how many 6'6'' actors are there with charisma? Angua? Tall, blonde, fills out a breastplate, a complete dog for one week in four?
    Mind you it's Detritus and Corporal Nobbs I'd like to see...

    There was a version of Pratchett and Gaiman's Good Omens in pre-production at one time but it seems to have died. It's a good book but lacks the depth of the later Discworld novels, probably because the characters don't have the same amount of time to develop.
  13. If a film was to be made, would you prefer it light hearted and monty python(ish) or dark as in league of gents?

    If it was the dark version then geoffrey rush would be great as dibbler, Death could be liam neeson, or dave prowse(with a voice over of course)!! :D
  14. I suppose it would depend on what book/s they would base the film on.
    I would suggest that the entire series would be to large to fit all of the characters in, they would possibly make a series of films which would be great.
    a job as big as dissecting the lord of the rings and making something suitable for the big screen.

    I personally would like to see a dark version as that would be sure to include my favorite character, DEATH. :D
  15. I don't really think that DEATH is a particularly dark character though. He often comes accross as faintly bemused and Pratchett always points out that he's just providing a professional service, he never actually kills anyone just sort of makes sure that they die on time.