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Terry Peck

wheelchairwarrier said:
I knew Terry well, the computer is now going off for the day, I will sit and reflect and cry my eyes out.

Thanks Tel and rest peacefuly.

Terry died peacefully- thought you'd like to know that.
An astonishing story; and whilst I read it over breakfast it occured to me that I had never heard his story before, perhaps thats the way of true hero's?

RIP Terry.
What a man. The world is surely better off for people like him. Wish there were more of them.R.I.P. you deserve the rest. God bless you mate.
In a day and age where the phrase "hero" is so often used to describe everything from footballers to racehorses - Terry Peck's actions demonstrates the true meaning of the word.

A man of determination, courage and honour. God Bless you mate.

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