Terry Patchett - Who is the best character?

Which is the best Discworld character?

  • Commander Sir Samuel Vimes

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  • Lord Vetinari

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  • Cpl St.John De Nobbes

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  • Capt Carrot

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  • Sgt Angua

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  • Archancellor Ridcully

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  • The Librarian

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  • Granny Weatherwax

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  • Nanny Ogg

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  • CMOT Dibbler

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Just building on the other Pratchett thread I was curious to know which of Pratchetts characters every one liked.
They are almost all very well written but which ones do you go straight out to buy a book for when you know that they will be in it? Which one do you always root for or feel most empathy with?
I find the there is a lot to like about the Lord. I also like CMOT and granny and have fantasies about Angua.


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The Luggage, Vetinari or any of the Watch for various reasons.
Death and his horse Binky
Death kicks ass. He has been my favourite since I read Mort about 20-odd years ago.
From that list, probably the Librarian. Overall though, Death comes out top by a country mile.


NacMacFeegle rock, however it's a tie for me between Vetinari and Vimes/


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Tough question. Voted for Vimes. The tie breaker was "the only thing that depressed him more than his own cynicism was that it never turned out to be enough".

Although Vetinari is just plain cool. I want to BE Vetinari.

And Cpl Nobby Nobbs is brilliant. And Foul ole Ron. And Gaspode the wonder dog.

Bugger. Like nearly all of his characters.

Deleted 20555

What was the name of the vampire photographer in Going Postal that was allergic to flash photography again?
has to be Vimes but I have a secret affection for the Death of Rats ... but with an avatar of Rabid Hamster ... you would expect me to.
The luggage
3.Moist von Lipwig

Why has nobody mentioned Rincewind? Poor barstard.


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I have a soft spot for Detritus the Troll, as well as Mrs Cakes from The Shades. Vimes is a beautifully simple seeming yet very complex character.

Nobby Nobbs is a prime example of ...........whatever he is, and Angua is terribly sexy.

Both Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax are saucy witches and very likeable.
Death is superb, and Vetinari is the best tyrant ever.
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