Terry Lloyd verdict-Media hysteria?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. The verdict at Oxford today,seems to be a spigot on which the media wish to spear the US forceds.It's admitted that Lloyd was not embedded,during the Iraq invasion,yet during the fog of war,the media do not think that he should take his lumps and bumps,with everyone else.The media are now showing themselves to be only interested in one of their own,with this sh1tstorm of interest,in their own.His daughter talking about 'murder' may be her own view,but will find little legitimacy in the military community,at large.
  2. A hell of a lot of reporters have been killed in Iraq, more than any previous war I think I heard?

    Wasnt this all as a result of an inquest of some sort?

    You're right though, trigger-happy Spams - suppose we ought to be used to it by now.
  3. Given the testimony of Soldier B, as reported by the BBC, how were the US troops supposed to distinguish between armed Iraqis and journalists? I've read what I've been able to find about the incident and whilst my sympathy is with the families of those who died in this incident, I'm not convinced that the journalists' vehicles shouldn't have been engaged as possible enemy vehicles.

    Saying that, this seems somewhat of concern:

    My overall feeling on this is matter is that despite all sorts of people saying that Terry Lloyd wasn't a risk taker, anyone who chooses to be in a war-zone, especially as a "unilateral" journalist, is by definition a risk taker and they're foolish if they don't consider the potential outcomes and brief their families accordingly.
  4. Jurno's do for big money what troops do for little, stick their necks out.
    Sometimes you have a bad day.
  5. he was virtually embedded with the enemy from the sound of that testimony.
  6. The international news services are giving this topic far more coverage than the various stories in Iraq and Afghanistan together.
  7. Anyone who deliberately places themself between two opposing military forces bent on each others destruction pretty much get what they deserve. The man was a fool who paid with his life for his desire to get a "scoop" which would, at best, be forgotten by TV viewers within five minutes of it being aired.
  8. Sad......but true...
  9. In the ITN Grief-w@nk-fest over this person they did actually interview the embedded cameraman who filmed the aftermath (there's no footage of the incident itself) and asked him if it was true that there was some missing. He said that there wasn't and could provide all of it if asked. Hey he's a journo and can be trusted okay. 8O

    As a matter of interest the other claim to fame of Lloyd (apart from being Tosh from the Bill's brother) is that he once, over 10 years ago, tracked down that fine example of Gallic charm Eric Cantona on holiday with his family. The ITN paparazzi cretin goes up to Cantona and trys to interview him and the froggy deals with it in his own special way by smacking him in the gob. Thought he wasn't too bad after that.

    One other thing to point out is that the coroner said that he was one of those special people whos courage will be missed by everyone he left behind. Not by me he won't.
  10. Whoa a cotton picking second! This guy was one of their own - OK he pushed his luck a bit and may appear a bit of a maverick. But let's not forget if this guy had been one of our own, on a maverick escapade (and doing what he thought was right at the time) and was subsequently gunned down by 'allies' in less than clear circumstances - this forum would be positively ablaze! We would probably be screaming for someone's dangly bits on a plate and be offering up LCpl Terry Lloyd for some sort of gong.

    Journalists are part of life, they are also, like it or not, an integral part of our business. OK, so he was out on his own and maybe taking too many risks but this, to me, looks less than clear cut and his colleaugues are only capitalising on every means at their disposal to make a point. In this case, the very powerful broadcast media. Wouldn't you, if you could?

    Still don't trust 'em though.
  13. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    On the other hand "hero" Terry Lloyd is killed in the act of just trying to get a story by Americans. Family are calling it MURDER and demand an inquiry. This gets 10 mins of news time on ITN mind you. L/Cpl lloyd gets killed by yanks shot up by A10's doing his job and they press would barely give it 10 seconds let alone be interested in what the family think.

    How very true. He knew what he was doing, and has, unfortunately, got what was going to happen. The sceptics are maniacs, and surely that should have made him a bit more less inclined to get in the middle of a contact between them and the Iragis?
  14. They should step back and look at it for what it was. ITN deliberately puts an educated man into a war zone where he was not invited, has no protection and he gets killed.

    ITN should be sacking their Health & Safety man.

    Trained and armed to the teeth soldiers deliberately avoid getting caught up in situations like this. It is a sad loss of a life, but FFS, he knew the risks and was prepared to take them. It would be interesting to see how an Insurance Company would view this.
  15. I was shocked when I heard his daughter saying he'd been murdered. Ok she's upset but for gods sake get a grip. These things happen from time to time, he chose to put himself in that situation and the worst case scenario occurred. He was presumably an intelligent man, he knew the risks.