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Terry developing dirty bomb

this report was taken out of context. Terry is making a bomb which is true, however the only reason it is dirty is because it was made in their country
Dirty bombs are morale weapons only useful for an attack on civilian populations, usually in built-up areas and especially capital cities. If they can make a bomb that works, bring it over here, find someone a bit more switched on than some of the home-grown terrorists we've seen so far and actually get it to blow up, I'll eat my beret (won't need it inside my CBRN suit anyway).

I don't think a bunch of shifty-looking Arabs with a large box marked "Bananas" are likely to get through customs unscathed. We have a border agency now!
Journo's have been talking about Dirty Bomb attacks since 9/11. No doubt Bin Liner and his mates would love to get their hands on one, but that does'nt mean a DB attack is any closer than it was seven years ago...

Not dismissing the threat, but it strikes me as a non-story.

As someone else pointed out: before the terrorists could detonate a DB in the UK, they would first have to get past our highly-trained, elite Border Agency... :roll:

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