Terry at Sandhurst!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OCS001, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. Gremlin

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    Personally I'd be more worried about the bloke getting onto the coach in the first place and not being found en route, than getting through security at the Factory gates. I'm sure that there are several on here who remember that one of PIRAs favourite targets was soft troop transport; pulling the instant death cord whilst on the bus would be far more effective than trying to get into RMAS and then finding enough bodies to make your point, before being caught.

    If he did hop on at Calais how was he not found? According to the article, as I read it, he was concealed in the lavatory stairwell. Is someone seriously claiming that no one needed to have a waz between Dover and Camberley?*

    He may well have concealed himself on board, and it most certainly is a serious security breach, but something about the story just does not smell right. Coaches are not priority targets for Channel hoppers due to the high possibility of being discovered. Freight transport, usually in the form of TIRs, is their preferred MOE. I am just wondering if this might turn out to be a set up of some type, Press or otherwise.

    *The one possibility that I have just thought of is that he might have concealed himself in the drivers sleeping bay, which often has an access panel in the same stairwell.
  2. He was probably on his way back home to Bradford or Birmingham
  3. Quote from the Currant Bun "He is expected to be sent to a detention centre and will be deported unless he applies for asylum".

    Surely he should just be sent back to Afghanistan, it's not as if it's a dangerous place anymore !!!!
  4. Initiative, Determination, Endurance, Courage, Chutzpah plus covert ops skills that would make him a natural for the sneaky-beakies ... why wasn't he enrolled on the next course at RMA?
  5. Perhaps the coach occupants thought he was a foreign student, hiding from the DS.
  6. Yes I can confirm he was posing as an Overseas Cadet, he was un shaven, fat and asleep. He had also give the Colourman a nice watch...... When shaken he did not rouse, but said he was cold and why does it always rain?

    Now that is Cam and Concealment.
  7. He came out of the bus in front of an entire company doing rifle drill with fixed bayonettes...TREAT YOURSELF.
  8. Poor drills by the duty student.
  9. This story has been announced several times on BBC1 TV Breakfast this morning.

    Embarrassing. :oops:
  10. He has now applied for a position in the Mess.
  11. What a total fcuk up. Highly embarrasing and highlighting a number of serious security breaches. Someone should have a new arrsehole ripped for that one. I see they are blaming the driver though!
  12. lol, whatever happened to duty bod checking the bus? and the driver should have checked it...... Then there was the customs lot who probably just waved the MOD 90 bearing crew straight through........ The gate guards at Sandhurst have little to blame in this calamity of errors.......

    Still at least he hadnt set up camp by the lake and been found having bashed up there for a couple of weeks ;)

    Just embarrassing all around
  13. Indeed. That man should be hired to teach escape and evasion. Afg across Europe to Surrey? Deserves a pat on the back. There are many people in the UK who cannot catch a bus across town without help.
  14. Is this what they call a floppie at RMAS