Terrosits release video footage of Blackwatch suicide bomb

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Nov 8, 2004.

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  1. Just heard that those bastards only went and filmed the explosion and have relased it on a sympathetic Islamic website. :twisted:

    I saw it on sky news and have no idea how anyone nearby could have survived. It was a bloody huge explosion.


    These people really are clever in thier use of the media. As if it wasnt bad enought to know that 4 guys were killed and 8 seriiously injured, they go and show us it!! Someone must be giving them lessons on media manipulation.

    this is just not right

    agent smith
  2. The video also showed the aftermath of the explosion in detail. That part I'm glad Sky didn't run.
  3. The Iraqi stepping on the severed forearm really was disgusting.
    I saw the recently released terrorist executions of Iraqi soldiers and beheading of an Iraqi officer and the one thing that I get out of it is that the tangos are very very bad folks that have to be killed, every last one of them.
  4. I watched the whole thing to the end. The last bit enraged me. Not content with bombing the Black Watch, they then have to kick body parts around. Savages, fcuking savages.
  5. Sky should hang their heads in shame. This does not equate to showing the death of unknown combatants: the three dead are known by name. How do Sky think the families feel - "and right at this moment - BAAAAM - your husband/son/brother gets blown to bits".

  6. Sick fcukers, the terrorists just more so than the broadcasters.
  7. ‘War is hell’, but we don't have to view it again and again to be convinced.
    To those who did watch it, thank you for witnessing what I have neither the heart nor stomach to watch.
    Your condemnation counts louder than all.
    To sky, yet another media agency that has saw fit to broadcast moral destroying images and information I hope this haunts your decision makers as it will the families of those who died to the grave and beyond.
    Stand up and explain the justification, if you can!
    Shame on you.

    Beebs :oops:
  8. They have a well planned and executed information warfare plan. This sort of stuff achieves effects they desire:

    1. We get very angry and hopefully overreact - this recruits for them
    2. Western civilians in Iraq get encouraged to leave
    3. The locals get scared of the insurgents and don't oppose them
    4. The locals think "serves you right for killing my (insert relative here)"
    5. Militant jihadis outside Iraq think "Hey, I'll go and show the Great Satan what for with that mob"
    6. Muslims outside Iraq, accustomed as they are to a steady flow of images of maimed Iraqi civilians, think "serves them right"

    It's not right and it's not fair. And we continually fail to realise that we are losing the information war outside the USA.
  9. Or in a reaction to casualties on the home front the tangos step up attack upon UK forces to accomplish their #1 goal which is to force coalition forces from Iraq. The more outrage at home the more attacks on UK forces.
  10. Yes, the terrorists are very good at media manipulation.

    The avarage terrorist has a good education and many have a degree.

    Some have been trained by the CIA and perhaps other security/intel. agencies and know darn well what they are doing and how to do it!

    Why do you think, that they know how to wage guerilla war? Who taught them? Wonder why our... aliies are having so many fatalities....
  11. Guerrilla war is not rocket science requiring training at a staff collge. Its been around since the beginning of war. Its used by a weaker opponent against a stronger. Most of the terrorists are fanatics. The CIA didnt train them. When you go to war or are on a peacekeeping op casualties can occur. We have more people killed on US highways [+42,000 a year] than in combat. We all have all volunteer forces. Everyone is a volunteer. If they didnt want to take the risk they would get into another line of work.
  12. unfortunately sky news is the UK equivalent of fox news

    no shame at all
  13. Oh, but I beg to differ!

    It is proven that the CIA had several training groups in the middle east during the 60s, 70s and 80s training irregular troops.

    Now, those who were trained then have in turn trained further "volunteers".

    There is no denying an open secret!

    Just think of the "army school of the americas"!
  14. When you make wild claims bee back them up. The CIA did assist the Afghan's in their fight against the Russians. The guys we are killing and capturing in Iraq are young guys not someone from the 60's,70's and 80's.
  15. Who trained and equipt Bin Laden when he was fighting the Russians in Afghanistan then? The very same people that in the 70's and 80's supported Saddam, tried and failed to prop up the Iranian Sha during the 70's and who has stomped all over the rest of the middle east supporting Isreal in its ileagal land grabs on the West Bank and Gaza and has tried to control the middle east since oil was discovered.

    What goes around?