Terrortracker.co.uk and Neil Doyle (question)

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FunkyNewBlood, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. I have found this website, created by Neil Doyle, who claims to be a pioneering investigative journo. Yes, yes, he's a journo and people shudder when they hear that on this website - but has anyone come across him or his work before? No pun intended CRCR or Auld_Yin!

    On the face of it, it looks like quite a good outlet of open source stuff. A little bit of propoganda, but not much.

    Any views from any enlightened ones out there?

  2. Don't know anything about him but cheers for the link. A very interesting website.
  3. No problem V!

    I'm going to post the link in The Int Cell forum as well as I think it is worth it.
  4. How much is he paying you FNB??

    Do you get paid by click?

  5. Bloody hell! If that was the case, Bad CO and Good CO (who I think founded this site) would be minted!!

    On a serious note, some poeple in my office think that journo's get more penetrative access to the 'bad guys' now-a-days than more traditional methods. Plus, the new wave of 'Jihadi' terrorists have their own media outlets. Yes, full of propoganda, but if you are trying to assess an enemy, what better way than to see what is starting them on the path to all those virgins?
  6. What Virgins???? Where do I sign up?

  7. Virgins they're after is it. I'm of to Northern Ireland then, safe as houses by that qualification. You won't find any virgins over there.
  8. Not many left in the Corps either......
  9. cheers for the link spunky, knew you had your uses!

    it occurred to me whilst perusing the "firefight in chechnya" video... something that has occurred to me almost every time i see a "IED in iraq" video.

    when they are off doing their terrorist basic training, and then they go to do their A3 in chanting and wearing funny clothes... do NONE of them EVER get instruction in using a f*cking camcorder??? its always zooming in and out, whipping away to look at something less interesting at a crucial moment, or just doing their level best to make it jerky and fuzzy.

    for pete's sake, lets invest in some camcorder training for these poor, oppressed, underprivileged jihadists, so they can make at least one decent video (for us to nick and use on training lectures).

    come on terrorists, you're letting the side down with your amateurish candid camera antics.
  10. I note that Doyle's works are published by Mainstream up in Edinburgh, understand that they have previously handled works by some authors with a legacy in a british army dirty tricks department.

    ( that'll be the mobile bath, juggling uni-cyclists, artists then?)
  11. Last NI lady I met admitted only to being virgin in her left ear. All other orifices long penetrated.
  12. hope you resolved the case ORC :)
  13. I heard Doyle speak at a RUSI conference a few weeks ago; his presentation seemed to consist of:

    - his friend and he decided Abu Hamza was a nutter years ago (which is fair enough)
    - they tried to get SO13 involved and were told to sod off
    - they launched a personal crusade to get him, partly via the FBI
    - his subsequent conviction was all down to them and they got none of the credit

    He then proceeded to show a couple of propoaganda vids from Jihadist websites; unedited, untranslated, no analysis. A web-literate teen could have done this. All this was interspersed with slides advertising his wares

    Struck me as a self-proclaimed expert, and a self-promoter with a chip on his shoulder re the police/CT community.

    Though in fairness I have not read his books and cannot comment on their utility or otherwise.

    On the basis of his performance that day, I won't be buying them anytime soon.
  14. I think it is more like;

    - Years ago, other agencies had already decided AH was a nutter (ever since he blew himslef up whilst engaged in terrorist activities?)
    - SO13 and other agencies already involved.
    - Nothing to do with the septics.
    - His conviction was down to the hard work and dedication of various Law Enforcement agencies in this country over a number of years.
  15. Totally agree AF, but come on, Doyle must have Kahunas the size of my head (which is quite large by the way) to go around doing seninars spouting tripe that the audience will hopefully see through!