Terrorists Training With Video Games

Do you like to patronize videogame establishments?

Be advised: the guy next to you could be a terrorist.

"Terrorists train using 'World of Warcraft'"
Friday, August 3 2007, 13:48 BST

By David Gibbon, Gaming Reporter

The head of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre has claimed that terrorists are being trained in games such as World of Warcraft in an attempt to recreate simulated world environments.

Kevin Zuccato, speaking to an Australian Security Industry Association conference, also said that terrorists are going the games to learn weapons that are "identical to real-world armaments".

During his speech, Zuccato said that terrorists do not to travel to their target to carry out reconnaissance, but instead can do so using a virtual replica and rehearse an entire attack online.

"We need to start thinking about living, working and protecting two worlds and two realities," Zuccato said.
Why they would use WoW and not any of the plethora of realistic games for training is beyond me.

Guess they're hoping to get those RPG +2 or IED of smiting from Iran or something.
As a reformed WoW addict I can safely comment. We should certainly be aware of the possiblity of such advanced WMD as the "unstoppable force" sword being developed by Al- Queda. This can only be countered by the UK developing shields such as the "immovable object".

The british public should be made aware and look out for the use of dragons that can destroy vast swathes of the UK. St George is no longer our first line of defence.

I await a flaming but I'm not bothered as I have 230+ FR and your attemps at flaming are useless. muhahahahaha.

Seems to me that someone is in danger of losing their job hence the laughable rhetoric.

Donations to fight this evil are welcome - please send to £££ to lvl5toon-lolz-gif-munee-plz.com
What a strange choice of game. With all the mil games out there (i.e. BF2) they could get much more modern, realistic training...

Probably shouldn't be giving them ideas.
The Sunday times article today Virtual Jihad hits Second life focuses on bad guys moving money around which seems plausible. Not too sure about SL as a training ground though.
It's funny to think of guys in HTCU's around the world lurking in SL games...
{funkygurl63} So u from the middle east??
{jihadist88} yeh, qatar. Know it?
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