Terrorists Take Advantage of US Vulernabilities

tomahawk6 said:
Another excerpt:

But while technology can provide solutions and partly alleviate the problem, it is more important to understand how the insurgency works and adjust tactics, said Ben Riley, assistant deputy undersecretary of defense for force protection.

“The IED is a symptom, but we need to treat the insurgency problem,” he said. That means the U.S. military needs to relearn counter-insurgency warfare, he stressed in a presentation to industry.
Heck, we've been saying that for years in SF. The best intelligence is boots on the ground. Watch, Keeny Meeny operations will be back in vogue before long...
And what else would you expect them to do?

Terrorism is nothing new, it has existed thoughout history and will always be with us. There can never be a "victory" in the so called "War on Terror", it will just evolve and adapt itself to changing circumstances, just as it has thought the history of mankind.

That does not mean I disaprove of the "War on Terror", but one must also have a realistic expectation of what can actually be achieved. Does anyone really belive that the war will be won and then we can all havea nice parade on a set date and that's it over - like the two world wars? Personally I think that, just like all the gimic wars (war on drugs, war on crime etc) these are wars that can never be won as such.
It appears that someone has forgotten the old adage "What man invents, man circumvents" As fast as we devise a anti-terr measure, they work out a defence.
OldRedCap said:
It appears that someone has forgotten the old adage "What man invents, man circumvents" As fast as we devise a anti-terr measure, they work out a defence.
"Nothing is foolproof, because fools are so ingenius."

I agree. Human intelligence is the most reliable and accurate. Our buddy Clinton really cut out this much needed intel, which helped lead to 9/11. Hopefully, we have learned from this mistake and we won't fall into this trap again.

Thin The Herd

A lot of this sounds VERY familiar to Brit eyes... plus I would take issue with this quote:

"Insurgents have been using a mix of crude and sophisticated IEDs, said Cordesman. “Hezbollah should be given credit for having first perfected the use of explosives in well-structured ambushes, although there is nothing new about such tactics,” he said."

as would various PIRA QMs.

Not a dig at Uncle Sam, but there would be no harm in asking our NITAT/OPTAG blokes for some input.

We've met and countered some of these tactics in NI
I think Marx developed to initial stance. "Thrust the blade in the belly of the capalist and only withdraw when you feel the steel of his resolve"

Looking at insurgency in general, applicable to IZ and the War on Terror, it has two concurrent aims.

One: Inflict maximum physical & psychological (morale) damage as possible on the enemy as possible in theatre and at home.

Two: Maximise public support for the political aims/aspiration of the people who they are fighting for.

Counter insurgency is about preventing the first and limiting/mitigating the second. The coalition not only needs to counter the insurgency but prevent its actions from supporting the later. Any military or security response MUST impact on the insurgent BUT not on the population who support them or aid them. Internment in NI was classic example of how this went wrong.

Basically to defeat terrorism anywhere in the world it a matter of applying the minimum military force to negate hostile actions whilst applying maximum political/economic force to undermine destroy the reason for terrorist cause. Ultimately a political solution will have to found in NI and IZ, it matters not. With Al Quedea victory will only be achieved if the underpinning support is removed, i.e. a political solution. Unless you use buckets of instant sunshine.

Throwing teddies out cots because some tosser take USAID is wearing Bin Laden T-Shirt does not help. The hearts and mind of that aid being delivered as moral human duty does count and may ultimately win over one or hearts and minds.

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