Terrorists - Success or Failure?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wg100, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Whilst I realise that each event viewed individually was a spectacular failure on the part of Ali Jihad, as a whole, they seem to have done quite well.
    There have been countless 'suspicious packages' dealt with over the last couple of days - Hammersmith and Heathrow T4 to name but two. The general alert state has gone to the highest for quite some time. Everyone is probably looking around (and at the arabic/muslim looking people if we are honest) spotting suspicious objects left, right and centre.
    The level of disruption is probably a lot higher than if they successfully blown themselves up.

  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yes; you don't spell 'Failure' the way you have!
  3. "The purpose of terrorism is to terrorise."
    - Lenin.

    By that defination, the terrorists did rather well; massive coverage by every form of media. Huge disruption, at least intially, for the general public. And a message for the people of this country: THIS time we fcuked up. THIS time it was just a bunch of pathetic amuaters.

    NEXT time...you won't be so lucky.

    Add to that a raising of tension between muslims and non-muslims in this country and you might conclude that the terrorists had put in a good few days work.
  4. In some ways they have been successful in terrorising people and causing some chaos but they have also been successful in making the public much more alert to the threat and bringing back a bit more community spirit. Look at the we are not afraid campaign after 7/7. For some reason; maybe because we are pretty used to it, terrorism in the UK only serves to make us more defiant to what they want to achieve and luckily this time they have caused this without killing anybody.
  5. If by "terrorise" you mean "draw lots of attention and ridicule, and set fire to yourself", then these attacks were a resounding success. If you consider what the perpetrators probably had in mind when they planted the bombs, then really nothing has worked out alright for them.
  6. I've no idea what you're talking about... :oops:
  7. There. Although you did manager to change the one in the banner.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Absolutely - if the required result of this 'terror' attack was to cause terror, I'd call it a resounding failure.

    If the desired effect was to make us feel proud of the achievements of our intelligence services, the stoic attitude of the British people; to cause the majority to feel even more disassociated and distasteful of the Muslim minority and culture and to make the British people laugh with mirth at the burning of a Muslim idiot and the arrest of his moronic associates, then it has been a resounding success.

    No terror has been created and the British people have been strengthened in their resolve.

    Hitler could not crush the British spirit, brain-damaged idiots like these Muslim 'terrorists' most certainly will not.
  9. Dammit, fingers not listening to brain this afternoon...

    I'm not sure that the events of the last weekend are anything for the intelligence services to be proud of. We are only lucky that the ineptitude of those carrying out the various attacks was our saving grace. If the intelligence services had been on the ball, then surely they would have intervened before things got to the stages they did.
    Afterwards they have done a fine job in collecting up others from the cell. I don't think they can be faulted there.

    With regards to the Hitler comment, at least back then we had a 'designated' enemy. In these times of asymmetric warfare things are a lot less clear, particularly on our home turf...
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, admittedly, the initial stoppage by the SS was a little lame, but to be fair, these guys appeared to be lillywhites and therefore very hard to spot until they actually do something. Once they did, we rounded them up at an extraordinary rate, and not just in the UK either.

    You are right on the Hitler point, but I'm not convinced that mass expulsions of those who have a record of promoting Islamism (as opposed to Islam) would not be the right thing to do.
  11. I'm fairly confident that this is the main aim of a sleeper cell. For all we know there could be multiple, better trained & equipped cells out there waiting for things to die down before striking again. Then the Int boys will again have fingers pointed at them and questions asked as to why they didn't know.
    Lets face it, if these people are well trained and well disciplined, then they are more than likely to succeed.
  12. Now if we're going to get picky... :D
  13. Whilst they dont appear to be experts lets not forget had it not been for the vigilance of the ambulance crew in spotting smoke in that car in London and the bravery of the guys in making it safe, we could now have many many people dead and injured, as the IRA once said ,you have to be lucky all the time we only need to get lucky once
  14. It's not just the Army that's overstretched; the Spooks are short-staffed as well.

    That's one of the reasons the 7/7 Bombers managed to get through.

  15. So you reckon no one in that airport was terrorised? Women , Kids etc. Its all everyday stuff, a burning vehicle smashing into an airport, some nutter fighting, burnt to a crisp trying to do more damage than he already had.
    The Nurses, patients etc, that had to be evacuated out of the hospital, when the sus device was found?
    The people who were evaced today from the railwaystation and heathrow ?
    I really dont know your background , however if you have ever been involved in a terrorist incident you should no, wether its a hoax or the real thing civilians are terrorised.
    It takes very little to achieve there aim.