Terrorists `R` Us

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by The_Marsh_Arabist, Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. Any one else apart from myself and Dub attending the above `event` this week at Olympia ?

    Any danger of your Supervisor letting you away from Call Centre duties WB ?

    Sub was going to attend but he has been called away in his capacity of global roadside assistance to a broken down stubble cultivator just outside Mirbat !

    Looking forward to the Derry Brigade IVCP stand !
  2. Might be able to get there for one of the afternoons. Depends whether I've reached the required target number of calls. The only shows of this sort I usually attend are the Tourism, Brewing, Catering things where there's lots of freebies. You should see my glassware display.
  3. I'm going, told it was a Scale A.
  4. TMA might be able to get over, let me know when you're going.
  5. I will be at the Wednesday session from about 1330hrs - meeting Sub beforehand for a `ploughmans` and a glass of cider in the Westminister area.

    Almost forgot, there is the other meeting on Monday evening at your old place Rebel - I might attend dependent on some client in the afternoon.
  6. Cidre Bouché Brut avec Brie s'il vous plait

    Reb's old place......I didn't know the drying rooms in block 6A were still open for business??
  7. :d

    typical lazy unwashed dole-scrounging protesters - they're not even assembling until lunchtime ;)
  8. You'll have more chance of going three rounds with the local WI.

    The great unwashed don't fight but they will video you, (one of the dark lords of corporate/state repression) take you to court and sue you for assault (even if you only look at them "wrongly"). They do this in those courts which they profess not to recognize but are quite happy to take the damages.

    They are experts at winding people up ...as Delroy Smellie found out.

    Best thing is to ask one of the females (or whatever your persuasion is ) for a date. Confuses them.
  9. Maybe a counter-demo involving personal hygiene articles may throw them off the scent.

    I'll get me coat
  10. Fwor, a peace riot. Luvverly jubbly.
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    So how did it go then....????