Terrorists not Scottish....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chimp503, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. The news has been reporting all day that these tw*ts in Glasgow are apparantly not Scottish.... WTF has that to do with anything... is it because our porridge cousins arn't used to this sort of behaviour and are not sure what to say or report.... Do we in England, Ireland or Wales report on terrorism with a headline of "they were not of (insert country) origin... so that makes it ok then for these tw*ts to go about their evil business as long as they are not Scottish.... It really P*SSED me off hearing that.

    My final rant, well not rant as it says alot for our Country. Where in the world would you find a country that has come under an attack, then go about and try to save the Tw*t who did it.. all I can say is there are alot of people in the Glasgow hospital who have a huge amount of compassion and proffesionalism to treat these tw*ts.. I would clean there wounds with cooking oil given the chance
  2. I think that we should really be having a go at the politicians who seem only to happy to let these people into the country, and the judges who seem reluctant to send them home when caught here illegally
  3. That has been going on for 10 plus years with no effect(having a go at politicians). Strangely tho now we have a scottish pm maybe things may change..........dont hold your breath tho......... :x
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    'Rivers of Blood'

    I do sincerely hope not, although if there are, I would personally like to show my gratitude to our moronic politicians by adding theirs to the river.
  6. It will come and as always the innocent will be the first to suffer
  7. The war on terror may be different to previous wars but I would put forward the arguement that the perpetrators of the events over the last few days and going back to 7/7 are the enemy and we are at war.

    In my lifetime [WWII], when the enemy was found to be in the UK in civilian clothes or were fifth columnists, they were interrogated, taken to the tower and shot unless turned. I'm not talking about Muslims but about those caught carrying out said acts whoever they are.

    Until the authorities take a similar stance and bring in internment vis-a-vis the IOM in WWII for suspects, then I fear we are going to see more atrocities carried out.

    Just my thoughts on it.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Wrong, wrong, wrong!! Don't you get it?

    We cannot interr (spelling wrong? Sue me!) potential 5th columnists, we cannot expel Muslims, we cannot pick them out for questioning or being put up against a wall for shooting, even if they ARE guilty as charged. This might offend them and make them hate us . . .

    . . . unlike invading their particular sh!tholes, and more than one on a lie, whilst stealing their oil, making them pay for the privilage of taking their country and oil for years to come (see US war reparations ala UK circa 1945).

    One act - that of lying in parliament/congress in order to start bullsh!t wars and create a NEW enemy to keep us on our toes and budgets in place is RIGHTEOUS and in defence of FREEDOM.

    The other act is just rude and biggoted and therefore cannot be countenanced or tolerated.

    You with me?
  9. Buy this man a beer
    Those hapless al-Qaeda boys were to find out that Glasgow has no respect for international terrorism. Nobody gets between 10,000 Weegies and a £99 week in Ibiza booked on Thursday night through Barrhead Travel.

  10. The only worse thing I could think of is if the ragheaded cnuts blew up a distillery.

    Assuming it wasn't a suicide attack, the Foreign Office would be mailing then back to their loved ones in very small jiffy bags once we got through with them! ... Thats after we had wrapped them in bacon and deep fried them in lard.
  11. I think we ended interning (inter = burying someone/thing, but you might have meant that) more pro-British 'friendly' aliens who wanted to snot Hitler rather than genuine bad guys on the Isle of Man during WW2. Though there were a fair few British Union of Fascist to55ers and their IRA friends banged up in Brixton gaol but they were home ground tw4ts.

    Internment doesn't work it just adds to the problem.

    Who says those arrested are illegal immigrants? Most illegals come looking for sanctuary, a job, a better life etc.

    (and no I am not some fluffy Liberal).
  12. I'm glad that it p*ssed you off, you over-sensitive c*nt. They weren't Scottish? So what? You need to have a long talk with yourself you kn*b.
  13. The point was being made that they were not "home grown" terrorists. I have heard it said on other news sources about the people arrested on the M6 "they were not British" so it's not uniquely a Scottish thing.
  14. AB were you put on this planet to be argumentive? Sometimes I wonder if you really are the C*nt everyone says you are, after reading that little tirade above I think they are right. Now if you were able to read what I wrote which for a c*nt like you is probably difficult, my whole point was so what if they were Scottish or not, the mere fact that it was reported that they weren't was pointless. B4 you slag someone off I suggest you have a small chat with yourself outside and wonder who infact you are replying too, because one day someone will catch up with you, the internet is not a great place to hide.
  15. Unfortunately I think its all to late for that now. I'd only be too happy to round up all the Eastern Block fkrs here and get them sent back. We'll strap them all on skateboards, load them into the back of a C130 and as its crossing the channel we'll open the tailgate and go into a steep climb.

    BT. :lol: