Terrorists in Finsbury Park?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smartarse, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. Why is an Islamist member of a terrorist group banned in Europe allowed to be an Imam in a London Mosque?

    "Imam killed after morning prayer in Finsbury Park" - BBC News - Imam killed after morning prayer in Finsbury Park

    Of course the BBC doesn't give much information. So -

    "A member of Lebanon's Jamaa al-Islamiya group was shot and killed in London on Friday, the National News Agency reported. The NNA said that an unknown assailant shot and killed Sheikh Maymoun Zarzour. It added that the victim was an Islamist activist and was an Imam at a mosque in Britain."

    Jamaa al-Islamiya? Who they? From Wiki -

    "Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya (Arabic for "the Islamic Group"; also transliterated Gamaat Islamiya, al Jamaat al Islamiya, and El Gama'a El Islamiyya) is an Egyptian Islamist movement, and is considered a terrorist organization by the United States, European Union[1] and Egyptian governments."

    al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Finsbury Park Mosque is where Abu Hamza preached and where Police discovered a cache of weapons and terrorist training materials in 2003 Police found weapons at Finsbury Park mosque - Times Online

    So why on earth are extremists still allowed to be active in Finsbury Park?
  2. your donation of just £3 a week can buy David Cameron a spine.
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  3. Because we mustn't upset muslims.
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  4. So why on earth are extremists still allowed to be active in Finsbury Park?

    Because we are Great Britain.It's what people expect from us.
  5. For the same reason as ...

    ... it's taken 10 years to evict the residents of Dale Farm

    ... Mustaf Jama wasn't deported back to Somalia following his release from prison and was therefore able to murder PC Sharon Beshenivsky during an armed robbery.

    ... my missus was barred from taking any form of disciplinary action against pupils while she was teaching

    ... convicted paedophiles must be given unsupervised access to their own children.

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  6. Because the country is run by cowardly imbeciles with no spine who are more concerned about being elected/re-elected than they are with doing the right thing!
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  7. Put that right for ya.

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  8. Because he and some of the people who still frequent that mosque were/are actually working for MI(Cough).
  9. Yeah, Mossad Inc. RIP, dusty, sniff etc.

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  10. Harboring dangerous militants is an old English tradition like football hooliganism and elite homosexuality.

    It does have its advantages. I heard Six put those nice LIFG chaps up in London during the 90s. They'd need a decent Mosque to plot the downfall of Qaddafi with the beardie brethren, so what's not to like?
  11. Unless it's part of the Mossad World Tour, or the BBC has decided to really push the envelope in generating publicity for the last season of Spooks, then he's probably been killed by a fellow member of the Religion of Peace.

    NHI: No Humans Involved.:twisted:
  12. Islam is a religion of peace and forbids the taking of human life - apart from Wednesday afternoons when the moon is full. Or it could've been a Tuesday morning hit, 'cause that's sort of OK too... apparently... according to the Kerrang.
  13. It seems he was strangled by an Algerian fruitcake.

    This Gama lot were an undoubtedly horrible bunch, they were the ones who slaughtered 58 tourists, including a five year old British boy, at Luxor.

    But according to Wiki they pretty much racked it in with the violence in 2000 and the Egyptians let 1000 of them out of jail on the strength of it.

    There seem to have been two occasions when members planned to renage on their promise to be non-violent, and on both occasions they were dobbed in by their fellows.

    So I reckon the words 'ex' or 'former' should be added into the story somewhere.
  14. Yay, Kerrang! \m/
  15. They may have claimed to renounce violence Micawber, but they're still a proscribed terrorist organisation according to the EU. So how come he's even in the country, let alone running around an area known for links with terrorism in the past?