Terrorists Exploit Retarded Teenager?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Seadog, Mar 24, 2004.

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  1. This story broke in the last hour. An Israeli Army patrol (having taken cover ) got the drop on a Palestinian kid rigged to go bang.


    Some more photos of the incident included in a slide show here.

  2. :lol:

    Contradicts the meaning ‘suicide bomber’ a wee bit.
  3. mm i have heard of this when the Palestinians were complaining that Hamas and the Islamic Jihad were recruiting children , to send children to fight a grown men's war is not good
  4. Well I thought you had to be at least a little backward to beleive all that stuff about "going to paradise" if you become a suicide bomber anyway. Any religion that says you go to heaven for killing innocent bystanders doesn't deserve to be called a religion. As always though it's a case of 'selective preaching' and some fanatics choosing only to recognize the parts of a religion that suits their cause.

    I take it the organizers and instructors of the bombers don't have to pay the ultimate price to get the same promises.

    Just as firing rockets at a man in a wheelchair instead of taking him prisoner does your cause no good, suicide bombers are counter productive, at least they would be if you were even interested in peace. The fact that you have to employ backward kids to carry out the attacks does even less for your credability.
  5. At least his mummy sent him out with clean shreddies on.

  6. i don't think so, have you seen the back ! Brown stains ! :lol:
  7. Just proves that these folks are all shyte bags. Recruiting willing but stupid volunteers is one thing, but giving small children bombs to carry through checkpoints without them knowing is just hellish. These fcuker will get what's coming to them in the end :evil:
  8. Taking out a cripple in a wheelchair may not get the Israelis any Brownie points with those who already hate or dislike Israel but if you are going to send someone (who richly deserves it) to the next life in component pieces, what difference does his condition a nano second before his demise make?

    Interestingly, the IDF say they targeted Yassin’s car. (The one with the orange sticker)


    As for the loss of credibility when Palestinian ‘militants’ use children to carry their bombs? Yesterday was not an isolated incident. From the same BBC report as 5 Mile Sniper quoted:


    Nothing the terrorists do, no atrocity, no number of kids sent to his/her potential or actual, undignified and horrific end will make their supporters and apologists in Europe change their tune. “You can understand the frustration…….”


    As for the photo of yesterday’s cannon fodder, posted above; if the lad was brave enough to blow himself up, why is he terrified now he’s surrounded by big squaddies? Is it simply that he didn’t have a clue?

    Poor little bugger.
  9. Adding a bit of humour though, check out today's Currant Bun. The kid is the definition of a skiplicker.
  10. Still nothing to suggest the kid is a rocket scientist. But he is claiming he wanted to be a suicide bomber.


    With his wedding tackle ( and the rest of him) dispersed around the ashphalt, what good would he be to one virgin, let alone 72? :?

    Ironically, he is probably getting more compassion from his captors than he got from the scum who put him up to the job.
  11. As I understand it the virgins await you in paradise. Still at 72 to 1 you can understand why they want to get to the front of the queue. There won't be many left at that rate if the virgins come from this world as well.
  12. The 72 virgins thing does give an insight into the way the Islamist male sees women though doesn't it? Either they sadly underestimate the amount of women that make it into Paradise "intact" or they have such a low opinion of women that they believe Allah can just crank women out like toys for their personal gratification.
    Either way it makes you wonder just what goes through the head of Islamist women (if anything), like turkeys voting for Chrimble :roll: . Mind you I do remember being told that it was the older women that really tend to force girls into femal circumcision. Odd.