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Terrorists destroy national icon.



[quote="Auld-Yin]If they had really been terrs then they would should have taken out all WSM! :twisted:[/quote]

Would anyone notice?


Book Reviewer
Yep - Brighton Pier - looked like it was an awfully expensive job and very difficult to get it rebuilt (alf'n'safety dontcha know) - but, mysteriously, it burned down.

Now this place - just been bought, no doubt done a structural survey . . . and it burns down.

Now, Hastings Pier on the other hand; just been bought, loads of wrangles with the council who are trying to close it down unless loads of work gets done, very expensive for the owners . . . . .
Seems we have a few slightly mis-informed people on here.

The pier had been bought AND DONE UP - lots of money had been spent. Also the report on the radio more or less narrowed it down to deep fat friers causing the blaze - not terrorists.

Come to think of it though - they said that the friers were found in the area where the fire is believed to have started.

But, they could have, meant FRIARS. So it might have been terrorists from some fanatical religious group after all.


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