Terrorist to live in UK,on benefits!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 9, 2008.

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  1. I don't know why we're even surprised anymore. There was a time when this sort of thing would send we straight out to catch the outrage bus. Now it's just a kind of dull acceptance. Perhaps that's all part of the plan.
  2. Fishing nets, concrete blocks and the sea are the answer to this problem.
  3. Sadly this kind of crap is now normal.
    No wonder the country is in the shite.
  4. Nejad was sentenced at the Old Bailey in 1981 to life imprisonment for conspiracy to murder, false imprisonment, possession of a firearm and two charges of manslaughter.

    Shame that life doesn't mean life.

    Surely if he has to stay he can be found a job somewhere and work. "Quit your job and we will deport you." There must be some unsavoury job that he could still do.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I blame THEM meself.

    They had the opportunity, the motive, the training, the tools . . . .
  6. jagman, the country is in the shite because it is governed by a herd of corrupt, self serving, mostly unelected cnuts and there's nothing you, I or any other Briton can do about it.

    Even if we get rid of the Cycloptic Caledonian and his pinko fellow travellers the other cnuts are just as bad, and that's without getting on the Euro bus where most of the legislation that leads to this sort of thing comes from.

    Truth be told, despite not wanting to live in the UK anymore (it's nearly unrecognisable from the country I grew up in) I am still proud to be an Englishman and prouder still to serve my country.

    And I've been doing that for far too long in far too many unpleasant places to be told my hard come to opinions are crap by your good self.

  7. Sorry Codename.
    The crap I am refering to is this man being allowed to stay in this country, not your comment upon it. Apologies if this was not clear.

    Oh and I have no doubts that I am a cnut :D
  8. As I recall, he was smuggled out by some hostages who decided to protect him (Stockholm syndrome?) and was only discovered when they were conducting the PIDs in the Embassy garden afterwards.

    Legend has it that someone was going to take him back into the building and finish the job, but were prevented from doing this because press cameras could see into the garden.
  9. I'll get back in me box then :oops:
  10. Where did he say your opinions were crap? He said the situation was crap - and it is.
  11. Nah, the outrage bus hasn't been fired up yet this morning. I think this is worth gettting the driver out of bed for.
    For what its worth I agree that nothing is going to get much better even after Mr Brown is ousted. Politicians only interest is in serving themselves.
  12. Good - let those cnuts pay for this waste of taxpayers money - wnakers :evil:
  13. Well what a shock

    vaaaaaaaaaaaanmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan or whatever his f ucking name is posts an internet link and one line to try and spark up the "Autobus Von Outragen"

    Why don'y you go and f ucking chuck yourself under one instead?

    Ding ding...all aboard.

  14. Sorry if already seen

    Excuse me if this is a beard but just to make sure the petrol goes on the flames...