Terrorist threat to off duty service personnell.

Discussion in 'REME' started by G104MEN, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Bit of a serious one, this. Headlines today shout about a potential terrorist plot to kidnap a squaddie and do a Ken Bigley on him. What do we, as the people who have to go out "there" and confront these people, reckon should be the answer to this new, quite frankly, funkin worrying threat?
  2. Do you have a link for this please?

  3. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6315989.stm

    Authorities are being rather cagey about this, not giving too much away- rightly so perhaps??

    But apparently the plan was to kidnap a Muslim soldier (local boy) and behead him on t'internet.
  4. Been at work and have just seen it.
  5. Maybe we've become just a little too slack when it comes to our personal security over the last 8 or 9 years!! Discuss.............
  6. :frustrated: Cant upset the poor hard done by extremists .....they may sue us !!!! or worse we may infringe THEIR civil liberties !! heaven forbid that should happen .

    saw it on the news some local youth worker type saying we should stop harrassing innocent Muslims , im afraid that the nutters that think these vile ideas up are living in those communities .Im pretty sure the cops and sneaky beakies dont just go raiding the places just for a giggle and some overtime .What is it with beheading people ? They seem obsessed with it
    did they watch too many horror movies as children?
    I grew up in Northern Ireland there were raids on houses all the time cause thats where weapons and the terrorists were! If you have nothing to hide then whats the problem? Its for a good reason we should just tell these whinging tossers to shut the hell up!!! Live by the rules of the land or bugger off . Would they complain in somewhere like Saudi etc NO they wouldnt be tolerated . :pissedoff:

    Its going to get worse and the whole country is going down the slippery slope towards a dark and unpleasant future .Look at the troubles in NI and you see what can happen . Race riots have happened in Uk already whats next......? :pissedoff:
  7. A scary notion that terrorists may be targeting Forces personnel. But our illustrious leaders wont blink an eyelid until one of the terrorists ends up getting a good kicking. It will probably then be all over the papers about how the big nasty boys from the army are picking on the little innocent Muslims.
  8. I have an idea,

    when the feds have located all the terrorist houses, we (ARMY) can take matters into our own hands, I suggest we then do not empty their bins, refuse to put their house out when on fire, ignore them point blank when asked to move their dead cattle and if we should have another draught...then sorry Mr Terrorist...you are at the back of the queue.

    That will sort em!!!
  9. Ha ha
    Those pesky gaps in doors and windows! Letting in all those chilly breezes.
    I hate it when we have a draught.
    Some loft insulation and a few heavy drapes
    That will sort em!!!
  10. Ya see this never came as a surprise to me in the slightest that this plot was under way. They have just taken a leaf out of the IRA handbook (probably on general sale across the internet & a good way to raise funds). There was a few incidents in history where they kidnapped serviceman and tortured them etc. However they didn't hack their heads of in public like these 100 000 or so extremists that are allowed to free roam the UK and preach hatred aginst the very soil they are living on. Now the government is ****** itself cause they now know that its only a matter of time that some poor chap is paraded on British soil in a pair of orange covvies.

    So here is the solution... bring back and make it be known to the general public that if you want to live by the gun .. then be prepared to die by the gun. This installs a fear of god into any would be terrorist, who at the end of the day always wants to live and fight another day. So if he and his backward animal bothers of allah want to plot and terrorise UK they should be aware that people are watching them and once substantial evidence is collated and documented against his/ hers next plot to kill and maim the good people of this country then he is in the frame for having a full mag of 30 9mm high powered parabellum rounds fired into him, followed by a quick double tap in the head for good measure, courtesy of our good friends 'the men in black' if you catch my meaning.

    Might sound a bit extreme but its the kind of justice the British people would love to see (especially me), this stops these extremists being questioned, tried, sentenced and going to the jail for mm mm probably a year then whilst in there educating themselves and others further in how its the islam way to rid the planet of the infidels and non believers only to be released after 2wks for good behavior and back out on the streets doing it all over again. Thats the problem with this government, they are too soft. They like to talk to terrorists and sit around a big table kiss and make up with the bad people and then give them everything they want (just look at the NI situ and its now the IRA / Sinn Fein dictating how a British Sovereign nation is run. Tony Blair is a ****, and he has sold this country out for too long.

    And i loved the way it was made known that it was muslim soldiers who were the target. Make no mistakes these ***** are targeting every service man and his family, its just tony and his cronies haven't made it public yet.

    My verdict take a leaf out of Israel book and bring Shoot to kill to the streets (It worked for the B Specials years back to) before its too late.

    No Surrender

    P.S. If the 'Men in black' want any volunteers for the above solution ill be happy to oblige
  11. i dont agree with racism or secterianism but well said cplbadboyuk! the NI situation had a terrorist as the minister for education !!! just cause he said that they had locked their guns away . In 20 years time will we have a few thousand deaths and that scumbag hook hands hamza running for parliment?????? dont laugh cause if you had said 20 years ago martin mcguiness was going to be an education minister imagine the laughs then ...
    Sod tony blair ! We need Maggie Thatcher back at least she wasnt so keen on the taste of vaseline !
    Find them , get the information required (by any means) ,DONT take them to cuba and try to hide them like the yanks, dump out the back of a herc over the sea miles from shore(might help with the interogation)

    Or Drive through the places they live with a crarrv , float blade and reverse and voila more parking in birmingham two problems solved !
    I aint fit enough to be a man in black but i could drive for them if needed!
  12. Bring back the crusades. Let us invade foreign lands, live away from blightly for years on end spreading democracy and chritianity on horseback to the eastern world!! That'll stop em.......

    What d'you mean we're doing that already?

    I'll get me coat..............