Terrorist threat reduced........

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Jul 11, 2011.

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  1. Terrorist threat to the UK is now reduced from Severe to Substantial,,,,,Wait for it..........
  2. Indeed. A couple of weeks before 7/7, JTAC produced a report stating that, "No terrorist group currently has the skills, equipment and desire to carry out an attack on British soil."

    Of course, this downgrading of the terrorist threat level has absolutely nothing to do with reassuring the punters it's safe to attend the Olympics. Perish the thought...

    Cynical? Moi?
  3. Don't tell Kandak,,he will be very upset....
  4. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    You are such a cynic... Do I feel safer ,,, No this is yet again a croc of shit, everytime the alert status is lowered we get wellied. And (the status) is kept at unsubtainable levels as people and organisations become bla, se. And will I depend on G4S , £8.00 an hour guv honest we is (all ex them and switched on)and our security Services to protect the games I think not. And it,s not as if we have to look outside our borders for the threat, we let them in years ago and they are still here. This is being viewed as Europes olympic games , well they can have it for the 2 weeks, im off to a villa in the sun.
  5. Does anyone actually pay attention to these terrorist threat status thingies?

    No one I know gives a flying shit. The government seems to like upping or downing the threat status depending on political considerations rather then the actual threat level (And in my mind the whole terrorist threat thing is vastly overblown anyway. Maybe I'm just being cynical, but every government needs an outside threat to divert attention from domestic issues)
  6. My dear chap, the question is always, "Am I being cynical enough?"^_~

    Terrorism is so last decade anyway. The Gub'mint needs a new Big Bad to keep the cattle scared. While a Zombie Apocalypse is my personal favourite, I suspect it will either by limited Nuclear War - Iran vs Isreal/USA or Pakistan vs India - or they will pull out all the stops and it will be an Alien Invasion.

    Whatever they choose there are Interesting Times ahead...:muhaha:
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  7. I agree with you Werewolf. I had been thinking that if govt knows the threat level then, rationally, it should shortly afterwards be reduced by intervention towards zero until the next threat arises. Hence if they really know the threat level it would be reflected in variations of the level. If the threat level remains stable and if it is true that the security services are dealing with threats, then it follows that new threats arise like a squelching effect as govt deals with old threats.

    I suppose Whitehall employs some John Cleese types in the Ministry of Silly Threats.

    There is a logic in it. Because govt is not exactly strong on identifying real threats. If they actually do so then they can incorporate them in the threat level assessment unnoticed and maintain it at the same level by dropping off a silly threat or two.

    So Whitehall does know what it's doing after all. It knows that it does not know what it is doing but that it has in place a compensatory mechanism for not revealing if, on the intervention of the laws of chance, they get something right.

    Next time you are on those full squats you can enjoy the recreation all the more knowing that the security of the realm is in sieve hands.
  8. Public threat levels are a ridiculous concept that serve no obvious purpose. If anything, it reminds me of the boy who cried wolf.
  9. At Shia nappa there was this bizarre one, the 'uranous' state, or something arsse like that and if it went up you had mince around in the EFFI with your body drama & lid on! When you got there you'd see a few blank faces of those in PT kit who either hadn't heard, didn't care or were too important. If it got really bad, pluto state 4, or whatever it was, then you were supposed to get under the bed!!! Mortar proof douvets!! If stuff did come in all you ever saw were people running around with cameras taking happy snaps! Then there was a 'bikini state' which sounded fun but wasn't... I recon it's all a big wind up.
  10. Has it been reduced because NOTW isn't bugging everyone any more (allegedly).
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  11. Nice one, and probably true.........
  12. Well the feenys arnt there own way over her so maybe they can team up with the fuzzy mozzys and cause some shiite to happen in a nice place like Bradford (I ****ing wish)