Terrorist suspects not Scottish

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by slopsjon, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. Must be the bloody Sassenachs to blame


    Alex Salmond

    That statement could backfire. but what can you expect from Alex Salmond.

  2. fcuking immigrants

  3. .
    We should remind potential perpertrators of similar crimes that bacon, ham & pork are standard fare in British jails.
  4. Terrorist suspects 'not Scottish'

    F**k me Sherlock, somebody looking for a job with the SIB with a statement like that :)
  5. No, they were English
  6. By saying that they are 'Not Scottish' the government is not talking about their anti-British behaviour, it is talking about the stamps in whatever passport they happen to be carrying. This of course is a crude attempt to emphasise that these are visitors and not those nice people who were born here and have lived here all their lives, because they don't do such things do they? Well, not unless they were born in Tipton, Leeds, Dewsbury, Aylesbury, Luton, London, Birmingham etc.

    So, as the government is now saying that such people are not Scottish (or British), can we expect them to be saying the same thing about others who have lived here for years and who the same stamps in their passports?
  7. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    I don't know. They come up here, setting fire to our Weegies....
  8. Good one! :D
  9. Not content with Mars Bars, it is now Jeeps??
  10. As long as the Irn Bru didn't get too warm!
  11. I hope the reaction of the member of the public who chinned the "non-Scottish" muslim fundamentalist is a sign that British people are no longer going to take this assault on our way of life lying down.
  12. No he was just angry as he had just swept that bit....dirty gits causing a mess like that! 8O

    I am Told by my mate who works there..all Iron Bru has been moved to a safe Loc... :wink:
  13. Let's hope he doesn't get his collar felt by the Old Bill! In a few days we will see the family of the "non-Scottish" muslim fundamentalist whining that he be prosecuted for assaulting their relative. Then the BBC and Liberty will jump on the bandwagon. Call me cynical but if it can happen in Basra it will happen in the UK.
  14. Not homegrown.... not born and bred here...

    There is a large Muslim/Asian community in Scotland and it was possible that they were born there..

    Whats the big deal with the headline "Not Scottish".... they fcuking weren't were they.
  15. Funny isn't it, it seems to be an muslim terror attack, so the muslim community leaders have an emergency meeting in case there's a backlash against them no chance of them condemming the attack though.