Terrorist prisoners moved because inmates too white

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Weissbier, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Extract from article in the Daily Mail

    By Gwyneth Rees

    21st March 2008

    Two of Britain's most dangerous terrorists have been moved to different prisons after complaining their fellow inmates were "too white". Dhiren Barot and Omar Khyam asked to be transferred from high-security Frankland prison near Durham.

    Barot masterminded a radioactive bomb plot involving limousines packed with nails and explosives and Khyam plotted to blow up Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. They said they were at risk from other inmates - who are predominantly white - and claimed the environment was "dangerous" to ethnic minority prisoners. It is thought they had received death threats and attacks.

    Although their requests were initially turned down, Barot, who is serving a minium of 30 years, has since been moved to Belmarsh in south-east London. Khyam has also been moved to Full Sutton near York.

    But news of the transfers has sparked outrage, with the Prison Service being accused of caving into prisoners' demands.
  2. I think that they should be moved to an open prison as Belmarsh is probably too claustrophobic. The poor dears, being subjected to such beastly treatment by a so called civilised country.
  3. Just a silly question here, who is in control of the prisons, oh yeah just remembered its the prisoners!!! bloddy labour they will let the illigal immigrants inmates out next and not know where they are.

  4. Wonderland and Mad Hatters. :D
  5. Why isn't that considered racist then ??
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Because it's a completely made up story by the Daily Hate to cause outrage.
  7. To combine 2 stories .... give them a Ian/Jan Hamilton style sex change, boob implants, the works then dump them on the streets of baghdad in high heels, miniskirt, sussies and a wonderbra.
    Problem solved for just 20grand!
  8. Firstly I am sick of these Daily Mail inspired "outrage" threads. They serve no purpose and if you want to read a well-written comic book, read 200AD instead :lol:

    Secondly, it is my understanding that prisoners are regularly moved around if their presence in one place is contrary to the good order of the prison. Sometimes this is within the same establishment but other times it's to other prisons. There is always Rule 45 (formerly Rule 43) but maybe it was thought better to move them elsewhere.. There are less Cat A facilities than there are other types so that might have been a factor.

    I should better state at this point that I am NOT a member of HMPS although I applied in August, been through and passed the selection process and am awaiting clearance. Most of the info I have has been gleaned through research. The websites I have used are the official govt site and an unofficial one which is very similar to ARRSE and RR. If anyone wants links I am happy to post them on here or a separate thread (provided it's not against the rules).

  9. dear god dont sully 2000AD by putting it in the same context as the bird cage lining that is the daily hate.... :x

    as much as like the thought of them as playthings for a nails lifer with a bar of soap i also do like the thought that them being irregularly moved about realy fcks there days routine and makes them feel hooped on a 24/7 basis :twisted:
  10. (My bold) Halo please accept my most sincere apologies, I shall scald my genitalia immediately. :lol:

    Trouble with that other bit is that it would be some poor screw who would have to take the "punk" to the infirmary, farting blood clots :omfg: Although if it was me and said "punk" was Ian Huntly I would gladly "accidently spill" some salt on the damaged ricker. :twisted:

  11. Prisoners are our playthings, we should be allowed to vote where and when we want them moved. ie 0200 hours in the morning on 5 April.

    Also they should have cameras in the cells so we can tune in and make them dance for our amusement.
  12. Stabradop said it all - well nearly.

    I would just ask any Daily Hate/Torygraph reporter who happens to be hanging about - what is the difference between the ethnic makeup of prisoners in Full Sutton or Belmarsh and the prison from whence the happy terrorists came.

    Don't You Daily Mail readers ever actually think about what You are reading (shame there isn't a shakes head in disbelief smilie)
  13. Is Anthrax Island still contaminated? If in doubt maybe they could be shipped over and we could find out, it seems shame to waste sheep when there's a ready alternative supply :wink:
  14. If I had my way they wouldnt be able to see the white inmates because they would all be in permanent stress positions, in a disused toilet wearing sandbags on their heads for the rest of their miserable lives.