Terrorist or Peace-Maker? Interview with Gerry Adams

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. Terry

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  1. I thought this was pretty disgusting but I leave it to you guys in UK with better understanding of good ol Gerry.

  2. Gerry Adams = Terrorist, he can never wash the blood off his hands in my opinion.
  3. Dissapearing into the moral mists? Moral sewer would be a better description.
  4. I thought this was over the top.
  5. I won't lose any sleep if the new dissidents slot either Adams or McGuinness - they are all as bad as each other.


  6. Shouldn't this be a poll? I know which I'd vote for and it's not fucking 'Peace-Maker'.
  7. I'd pay good money to see the photos of him after the alleged beatings.

    Any soldier who had them would treasure them and delight in publishing them. However, sadly they just don't exist and never have. Just another figment of Gerry Adams' imagination like most of heis recollections. He has been a consumate liar and propogandist for decades, no wonder he got on so well with His Holiness, Tony Blair and the great deciever Lord Peter of Rio.
  8. I don't know how to do it. :?
  9. When you first post the topic it's at the bottom of the page, 'add a poll' etc. :)
  10. So he starts the interview by making shit up - good to see the habits of a lifetime haven't changed. No soldier I know speaks like that, and no soldier I know would laugh and shake his hand. I don't need to read the rest to know it will be more hate-filled lies.
    If he got into a lift alone with a soldier, I seriously doubt he'd come out of it quite so cheerfully. The Cunt.
  11. Murderer
  12. I thought that was a pretty good article, given that it's notoriously difficult to get Gerry Adams to open up about his past. There's no doubt that he did things that were highly questionable, but I suppose you have to see it in the context of the times in which such actions took place. It's debatable whether taking up arms was the answer or not, but at the time those involved saw no other way.

    Life in the Six Counties has improved beyond recognition since the GFA, and it would never have come about without Gerry Adams. So I rather admire him for that.

  13. If your head of Parliament was personally involved with over 50 murders, I think you'd not be so forgiving. And if, as it was, a choice to vote for him and McGuinness (70 murders), or keep the status quo, you couldn't blame many people from NI for staying at home that day. What sort of choice was that? Irrespective of what happened afterwards, the man is an animal, and a desecration of democracy.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Murdering scumbag & small-time hoodlum! Him & his sidekick,McGuiness.
    The good friday agreement was a sell-out by HMG at the expense of the lives of many good men & women.
  15. It's all very well submitting an opinion in the fullness of time, Milsum. I don't believe either side covered themselves with glory in the Six Counties. A lot of stupid, primitive and clumsy political and tactical mistakes were made which unnecessarily extended The Troubles and caused untold heartache.

    I can understand the problems both from the point of view of an ex-squaddie and as an Irishman. I still find it a bit of a miracle that folks in the Six Counties were able to set their disagreements aside, by and large, for the greater good. Certainly, it's in no way perfect, but it continues to improve, and that's the main thing, as far as most folks are concerned.