Terrorist Music

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ex_ex, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. New Nazi will probably publish a list of proscribed and approved songs for iPODS soon.

    Anarchy in the UK

    All you need is love

    Any more suggestions?

    link to story
  2. :D :D Looks as though some of us are getting a little paranoid with day to day life.
    Calm down......it's life and we have to get on with it. Personally I don't like the Clash, however the bloke is entitled to listen to whatever he wants :lol:
  3. So by this rule of thumb anyone listening to (c)Rap music will be questioned about wanting to/or their involvement in pimping, drug dealing, shooting people and wearing over sized jeans?
  4. do you think "white riot" will be allowed then :?: :?: :?: :?:
  5. SLF's Suspect Device is most certainly OUT.................
  6. If I go into an Irish Pub and they´re playing rebel songs,can I report them for inciting terrorism?After all most of the songs are anti-british.............is britain becoming paranoid? :roll:
  7. Is the Bear Catholic?

    Does a Pope sh1t in the woods?