Terrorist dummy runs on internal US flights

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, May 7, 2006.

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  1. Just read a passengers account of an alleged dummy run by a terrorist group on a commercial flight in 2004. If this account is true (and according to the second link it is), I can well understand their unease.

    Here is a short quote:

    Finally, the captain announced that the plane was cleared for landing. It had been four hours since we left Detroit. The fasten seat belt light came on and I could see downtown Los Angeles. The flight attendants made one final sweep of the cabin and strapped themselves in for landing. I began to relax. Home was in sight.

    Suddenly, seven of the men stood up -- in unison -- and walked to the front and back lavatories. One by one, they went into the two lavatories, each spending about four minutes inside.



    Interesting though this is, it is also nearly two years old. Has anyone heard more to this or similar incidents?
  2. Interesting article.

    I must say I also find it uneasy when there are a large group of Middle-eastern types on a plane. (No! I'm not racist).
  3. Not just musicians but fully paid up union members.

    I suppose the toilets are where they do their encores.
  4. If you Google a bit harder you find that the only thing the musicians were guilty of was "being Arab in a public place". It's a good illustration of the hysterical panic that gripped the US post 9/11.

    Talking of changing attitudes after 9/11, am I the only one who in the aftermath of 9/11 thought "at least they might stop funding f@cking NORAID now ?"
  5. Link here

    Talking of NORAID

    Here's some mega bollox from across the pond.

    Warning! Turn sound off first.

    Then marvel at the shite.

  6. Yep certainly shite,did you read the Irish holocaust section?
  7. Yep more shite.

    I wasn't shocked though.

    I WAS expecting shite.
  8. Feck i hate irish-american wannabees
  9. A three week holiday in County Fcuknows and they're experts.

    Hate them as well. Why don't don't they stay at home and touch up their roots rather than trying to trace them?
  10. Because they thrive on the bullshite of the heroic freedom fighters,I suppose its a bit like the SAS/PARA wanabees over here they thrive on something they will never attain to and in their sad cloudy eyes the ira are their distant relatives from way back,tossers the lot of them
  11. Jeeeeesus Christ on a Bike - that has got to win prizes for the shite-content! And there are fuckwits out there who'll believe it, that's the sad thing.

    Best wishes
  12. I think a large amount of people in N.I. watched the planes hit the twin towers and for at least a fleeting moment thoughts which included , "3000 dead, just like us", "maybe theyll stop sponsoring terrorism in the UK" running up to "the feckers got what they deserved, 35 years of funding terrorism here and now at last they know what its like". Dont get me wrong, everyone had the same feelings as the rest of the (non-islamic) world at that point, but, there was that underlying current.

    2 funny things are -

    1. The Omagh bombing killed proportionally more of our citizens than 11/9 did of theirs, yet we havent sent troops into the U.S.A. to topple the corrupt government whcih allows (and in some cases advocates) the sponsoring of terrorism in the UK
    2. The Northern Irish working in the twin towers were statistically the most likely to survive (from records of survivors). I believe one said something like "When we were told to stay were we where, I knew from experience to get out in case more happened".

    My memory is a bit fuzzy, but wasnt Sinn Fein the only UK or Irish political party not to express its sorrow officially over what happened in new York. Must have been very tricky for them, on one hand you have their islamic brethren who pay very well for training in how to commit terrorist atrocites and on the other you have New Yorkers who pay very well for the suppressed freedom fighters in occupied ireland. I guess they just wanted to keep their heads down.
  13. I find it strange that they all went to the toilet at the same time.

    At least they didn't dance round their instruments in the aisle.