Terrorist Connections


Interestingly with NI in the news these days I have just read in the local press a story I have been following.
A NI judge has agreed to the extradition of a Jose de Ignacio de Juana Chaos, an ex-member of ETA.
This man was captured, convicted and did his time in prison as an active member of ETA. Shortly after release he was slated for arrest again on charges of 'enaltecimiento de terrorismo' which translates roughly as ennobling, praising, in other words promotion of terrorism.
His answer was to skip the country and go to refuge in NI where he was taken care of by his mates McGuinness, Adams, and the 'Old Bhoys Network'. Here he has been looked after until the Judge decided on his case, it remains to be seen what will now happen to him or if he skips again.

Interestingly it demonstates the links between organisations and is possibly an indictator to the real feelings of the Sinn fein top dogs.
This may be of interest to one or two of you, especially as in a country like the UK which has immediate and stern laws against terrorism that a suspected terrorist could remain in the country for some months on conditional freedom, and the border close, when there is a petition from an allied country for his extradition.

Agreed that UK and Spanish laws do not coincide on everything, and Juana de Chaos may actually be a bit hard done by, but in the present climate I find the delay somewhat curious. If anyone can enlighten me a bit I would be grateful.


Wasnt it Chaos that booked that holiday for the Irish in Gibraltar?